Danny Garcia: "I am destined to be a champion!"
Interview by Benny Henderson Jr - AKA "Big Dog" (April 18, 2008) Doghouse Boxing (Photo © Ray Rodriguez)  
Undefeated welterweight prospect Danny Garcia 4-0 (4) has some strong words for the boxing world, "I am destined to be champion!" Although he has a ways to go to solidify his statement, the twenty year old professional pugilist has had a good start.

Banging out an amateur record of 107-13, the five time National Champion made his jump in the pros five months back and thus far has stopped four of his opponents with in two rounds.
Fighting under the Golden Boy banner, the Philadelphian who goes by "Swift", has high hopes for his career.

His journey continues this Saturday night on the undercard of the Hopkins vs. Calzaghe clash, Garcia will be taking on the dreaded TBA in a scheduled six round bout. Whomever he faces come fight night, Garcia is confident in victory in his quest to be the best.

The young prospect took the time to speak to Doghouse Boxing, talking about his career and future, enjoy.

Benny Henderson Jr.: What inspired you to want to lace up the gloves?

Danny Garcia:
I was always a fan of the sport, my dad always had me into boxing. I grew up watching Chavez, De La Hoya, when I turned ten I signed up for boxing.

BH: You had an extensive amateur background, so being in the spotlight should not be a problem, but what about the jump from the amateurs to the pros, how has that transition been?

I like it a lot better because in the amateurs it is more about getting points sticking and moving and throwing a lot of punches in every round. As a pro you have to take your shirt and head gear off and use smaller gloves, so it is more about being careful and using your jab and being more settled down and picking your power shots. I like the pros a lot better.

BH: How has it been working with Golden Boy Promotions?

It has been good, they are getting me the fights that I want, they are building me up good, it has been great and a blessing.

BH: For the ones who haven't seen Danny Garcia in action, how would you describe your style and strengths?

I am a boxer-puncher, I am like Cotto and De La Hoya mixed. (Laughs) I have the power and speed, I have the aggression and I can box. I am a versatile fighter.

BH: What separates you from the other prospects in your division?

I am young and hungry, I want to be a champion, I think I was born for this, and I think I am destined to be a champion.

BH: Although you have had just four fights as a professional, what have you learned about the business thus far as well as yourself?

I have learned a lot, it is a learning process and a growing process, I am still learning every day. What I have learned so far I am putting it into my knowledge to keep growing and learning the sport. I know there is a lot more to learn that what I know right now.

BH: Why should people come watch Danny Garcia fight?

Because I am a young exciting fighter, I bring the crowd to their feet. I am a strong fighter, I like to get in there and mix it up and bringing the fans on their feet. I am hungry, I am a people person, and I am a hungry fighter. I like showing people what they want to see in a fight.

BH: Anything in closing?

want to tell the people that I am a young and hungry fighter from Philadelphia, Latino Puerto Rican; I want to make everybody happy. I am a new star in the game, I am coming and I want the people to be behind me because I am going to be behind them. Look out for me.

I would like to thank Mario Serrano for helping set up this interview, and I would like to thank Danny for his time and thoughts.

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