Peter Quillin: "It was a great win"
Interview by Benny Henderson Jr - AKA "Big Dog" (April 24, 2008) Doghouse Boxing  
Undefeated 168-pounder Peter "Kid Chocolate" Quillin 18-0 (14) is moving on up. This past Friday night on ESPN, the super middleweight rising star banged out a one sided unanimous decision over the former title challenger Antwun Echols in a major step towards a world crown.

"Kid Chocolate" took the time out to speak to Doghouse Boxing, giving his thoughts on his recent victory and what is in his near future, enjoy.

Benny Henderson Jr.: Congrats on your recent victory over Antwun Echols. Give the readers your thoughts on the fight.

Peter Quillin: It was a great win, it was a good thing for me to go in there and show that I am maturing as a pro and an upcoming prospect, I am trying to make that prospect name into the contender. A great win over a veteran, a very experienced fighter, a fighter that has been in there with great fighters is a great win for me. It is adding great things to "Kid Chocolate".

BH: How would you grade your performance?

I seen a lot of things that I can do better, and a lot of things that I felt that I have gotten stronger at. I did what I was supposed to do, I had a perfect score, ten points per round, and I think that is the way you should keep it. I learned a lot in that fight.

BH: What statement do you feel you made with this win over Echols?

Like I said my maturity, I grew up in that fight, I showed a lot of people that I can go ten rounds, that was my first ten rounder. Going ten rounds against somebody who battled for the championship, that is good. Echols took a lot of great shots, I did what the other guys did, and I beat him big. I barely got hit in that fight; I showed a lot of people great things in that fight.

BH: What is next for you?

Whatever my team wants for me, whenever they call me and say “Hey Pete let's fight”, I will be ready.

BH: Last question, anything you want to add to or say in closing of this interview?

I want to thank Doghouse Boxing, you guys can call me on a Sunday here in New York City, you Benny Henderson are great friend of mine, you can call me anytime, regardless if it is about boxing or not. I want to thank all my fans, ESPN, my team, I want to thank my family, my Dad, I have a great support system. I want to thank my friend Lameck who has been there for me, he is like a screwdriver, he tightens me up and keeps me straight, no homo stuff. (Laughs) Thanks to all that support me.

I would like to thank my man "Mr. Chocolate" for his time and thoughts.

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