Brian Minto: “Come fight night there will be no running nor hiding!”
Interview by Benny Henderson Jr - AKA "Big Dog" (April 25, 2008) Doghouse Boxing  
Coming up this Sunday night at the Mountaineer Casino Race Track and Resort in Chester, West Virginia, heavyweight contender Brian “The Beast” Minto 29-2 (18) is looking to continue his win streak as he takes on the former cruiserweight contender Chad Van Sickle 22-7 (12) in Brian’s first fight of 2008, and the Beast plans on bringing the pain.

Minto, who is best known for his two unforgettable victories over Vinny Maddalone and his upset over the former
heavyweight title challenger Axel Schulz, is looking to get to the top and get his crack at a world strap. Minto’s last two bouts ended in the first round, and all though Brian is not looking to call it an early night, he welcomes the opportunity if it arises.

Minto will be taking on the former cruiserweight contender Chad Van Sickle, and after a few sour quotes from Van Sickle in Brian’s hometown paper, Minto isn’t too happy. See what Minto had to say to about his upcoming bout and opponent in this exclusive interview conducted by Doghouse Boxing enjoy.

Benny Henderson Jr.: You will be facing Chad Van Sickle this Sunday night, give the readers your thoughts on the fight.

Brian Minto:
 I am very well prepared, Chad knows he cannot out strength me, he will try to do a lot of clinching and run. But I am going to catch him. I have been working with guys who fight the same similar style as Chad, I seen a lot of things on tape that I am going to exploit.

BH: What do you know about van Sickle?

He’s got a good jab and left hand, he’s not real big on power, and I don’t think he has a lot of power, but he moves a lot. I think he is going downhill as a fighter actually, I just know he is in my way.

BH: Chad’s record is similar to your last to opponents, which both ended in the first round, you looking for the same outcome in this bout?

I don’t look for it but if it comes then it is good, heck yeah, I am throwing punches to knock a guy out, I am not pitter patting. I look for Chad to try to survive, I mean he is talking all that crap in my hometown paper about Tony Tubbs, well, I am not the same fighter, there is now way Chad is going to out strength me. He is going to try to box move and tie up, I got the kryptonite baby! (Laughs)

BH: On your forum on your website, and a few of your fans are dissatisfied with your upcoming opponent, what do you say to the fans who are saying why Chad Van Sickle?

I take it as such, this is this kids opportunity to beat me, I take every opponent serious, I give them all that respect. Everybody is complaining, that is what people do, people do not understand the business of boxing.

BH: You seen Kevin Johnson fight this past Friday night on ESPN; give the readers your thoughts on Kevin.

 He fought a good fight but I think he is very beatable. I don’t think he is going to become a superstar like he thinks he is, he is a very arrogant guy. His technique is not all that great and the guess who fight him stand right up, to beat Kevin you need to shut his best punch down, that is his jab.

BH: Where do you stand amongst the top of the crop of the heavyweight division?

I stand right there with all the other heavyweights, I feel that I have proven myself, I have never been stopped. I am learning and getting better and I am ready to take another step.

BH: Do you have a message for Chad Van Sickle?

Chad said in my paper if he loses he is going to quit boxing, well, what is his side job going to be now because he has a career of being a credit collector, a real tough guy on the phone who harass people for money that they owe, they hide behind the phone. Come fight night there is no running or hiding, we are going to get it on.

BH: Anything in closing?

I want to thank all my fans, and please be patient because this stuff doesn’t happen overnight, and I look for big things in the future.

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