Shannon Briggs Responds To Samuel Peter: “Sam is going to get his ass kicked by an asthmatic!”
Interview by Benny Henderson Jr - AKA "Big Dog" (April 26, 2008) Doghouse Boxing  
The former WBO heavyweight title holder Shannon Briggs, 48-5-1 (42), has a strong message to send out to the WBC heavyweight title holder Samuel Peter, 30-1 (23), in response to Peter’s verbal assault on Briggs’s trainer, Joel Judah: “Samuel Peter knew if he had come to the gym with Shannon Briggs there he would have been laying in a puddle of blood and piss! “

Briggs, who has gone 12-1 (12) in his last 13 fights, as well as winning and losing the WBO strap in the
process, has been publicly calling out the 'Nigerian Nightmare' for a few years now; and with Peter’s recent negative comments made behind Shannon’s back, 'The Cannon' is aiming for a throw down with Peter. The question is: Will he finally get a crack at Samuel?

In this exclusive interview, Briggs conducted with Doghouse Boxing, Shannon blasts back at Peter in his usual colorful, as well as entertaining, self. Enjoy.

Benny Henderson Jr.: WBC heavyweight title holder Samuel Peter just recently went on a verbal assault on your trainer Joel Judah. He had a few words for you as well. Your thoughts on Sam’s assault?

Shannon Briggs:
Listen man, Benny, it is funny because I got to Las Vegas Monday and I was in from Tuesday to Saturday. I was with one of his trainers and he knew I was there from that time and I did not hear anything from those guys. Samuel Peter never showed up, I seen his trainer; told him to send a message to Sam that I was in town and that I wanted to fight. We can spar or whatever. Let’s just get it on. Samuel Peter never came. I left Sunday night, Benny, for LA, Monday. I get a call that Sam Peter, his manager, trainer and promoter, everybody was in the gym talking about, where is Shannon Briggs? He was talking all this crap about what he is going to do to me. With that being said, from Tuesday to Saturday, Shannon Briggs was in town. All of a sudden, I leave and they get word that I left; then they show up at the gym. That proves that he is a coward! He doesn’t want to fight me! I have been chasing Samuel Peter for five years. Duva knows it. Everybody knows it. And now, his trainer knows it; so with that being said, step up!

BH: What would a Peter vs. Briggs bout do for boxing?

It means a lot for boxing because, first of all, the one thing about Samuel Peter that I respect is that he will try to scrap and try to fight. If he is stupid enough to stand in front of me, it will be a great fight for about 30 seconds before I knock him out. But I do respect the fact that he will try to bang. It would be a great fight for the heavyweight division because unlike the clown (IBF/WBO titlist Wladimir) Klitschko and his brother (Vitali) Quitschko, unlike those two who seem to be running around the boxing game like they are primadonnas, we will have a great fight; a great scrap. We can have it in Africa, the Garden, and New Jersey. Wherever. I don’t mind going to Africa. I’m African myself so it would be a great fight. Nothing like the Klitschko’s running around, but getting straight to the point, Sam's for his (Wladimir's) brother who now wants to be a damn politician so who the hell knows what is next?

BH: You say you like Samuel Peter as a fighter but what about on a personal level?

As far as a person, I give the brother credit. He is smart. He knew not to show up at the gym until I left, having he'd been there if I was there it would have been a great fight but it would have been a fight that the public did not see. He is smart; Sam knew if he had come to the gym with Shannon Briggs there Sam would have been laying in a puddle of blood and piss!

BH: If you could send out a message to Samuel Peter or his promoter Dino Duva, what would you say?

The message is this: I am not just going to sit here and talk about what I am doing. I am going to his house. I just found out where he lives at and I am going to do what Ali did to Liston. I am going to be at his house on his lawn hopefully signing a contract to get the fight. I will fight Samuel Peter anytime, anywhere! If Sam doesn’t fight me, who is he going to fight? Some bum? Boxing is sick of that, boxing wants to see two men get it on in the ring. One more thing, Sam said I could not beast him because I have asthma, I laugh at that, because if Sam takes the fight; Samuel Peter is going to get his ass kicked by an asthmatic!

Would like to thank Shannon Briggs for once again choosing Doghouse Boxing to candidly speak his mind. For more info on Shannon, please visit

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