BJ Flores: "Sooner or later everybody will be a believer!"
Interview by Benny Henderson Jr - AKA "Big Dog" (April 29, 2008) Doghouse Boxing  
Regardless if you do or do not believe in his talents, undefeated cruiserweight contender BJ Flores 21-0-1 (13) projects that sooner or later, you will!

Coming off the biggest win of Flores's five year career as a professional, a twelve round UD over Darnell Wilson, BJ has his sights set on the top of the crop and it does not matter who.

"El Peligroso" has had nothing but success since turning pro in the spring of 2003, and the twenty-nine year old pugilist looks to continue his winning ways all the way to a world crown.

BJ took the time out to speak to Doghouse Boxing, giving the readers his thoughts on his recent win and seemingly bright future, enjoy.

Benny Henderson Jr.: First off BJ, I would like to thank you got taking them time out to speak to Doghouse Boxing, the fight world last seen you in the ring this past February when you defeated Darnell Wilson. Give the readers your thoughts on that victory and your performance.

BJ Flores:
I thought it was decent, you know, it was nothing great but I got the job done. It will take me to my next fight and that is the main thing. Like I have said the entire time, my story has never changed, he was a tough guy to fight, he is very strong and takes a very good punch so we did not want to get to careless and reckless with him out there. I knew if I went out there and boxed him and was strategic about it there was no way he could beat me. He is not a guy to take chances with.

BH: Well you know as I do, you have to utilize your best weapon to win a fight.

Absolutely, look at Ali back in the day and Ray Leonard when he fought Hagler, now that was a track meet right there. Hopefully one fight doesn't make the fighter, you get smart fighter that has the ability to fight other styles so maybe one fight they may not look as exciting as they would in other fights. But as long as you keep winning you keep the momentum going that is the main thing.

BH: How screwed up are the politics of boxing when you defeat Darnell Wilson, and now he may be getting a shot at the WBA cruiserweight title?

(laughs) Well, like I said on the broadcast I think he is a very good strong solid fighter, I think he has a chance against anybody because of his chin, and because of his punching power. To be honest about it Benny I am not upset about it, although I should be. I know my shot is right around the corner, we have been communicating with the sanctioning bodies on which titles we can fight for and I will surely get a shot by the end of this year. I am not too worried about Wilson getting it, I am glad he is getting it actually because it lets me see how he does against a world champion, and I honestly think he will win the fight if the guy tries to come at him. If he comes home with the belt maybe we can rematch for his title, and be a bigger fight than the first time. We will make more money and both go home happy

BH: Your are currently in the number two spot in the IBF, Steve Cunningham holds that strap, your thoughts on that match-up and what it would take to make it happen?

Honestly that really is not a match-up that I am pushing for, Adamek and Bell are fighting for the number one spot, and we have three belts that will be vacant when Haye leaves. Cunningham is the class of the division right now. He has proven to be a champion. I am really looking to grab a vacant belt by a European and maybe fight Steve for unification, making more sense business wise.

BH: You were recently in guest studio on EPSN2 Friday Night Fights, how was your time in studio and give us your thoughts on another undefeated cruiserweight Aaron Williams who had a big win recently on FNF?

I think Aaron went out there and done really well. He will see as he gets into deeper waters that he needs to conserve his punches, he knocked the guy out and he did what he had to do. I am hesitant to say that was an astounding performance because you have to look at Purlette, I think he has had three fights in the past five years. With that being said I think Aaron showed that he has a lot of tools and abilities and if he is moved the right way he will be somebody to be reckoned with in the near future.

BH: What has been your greatest achievement this far in your professional career?

I would have to say the win over Wilson, obviously I have not had anybody in my pro career that has gotten me motivated. I have always known that I was going to win the other fights regardless of who they were, I think that might have held me back a bit. I went that extra mile with Wilson, I was focused. The fight has positioned me to fight top fighters in the world and that was always what I wanted.

BH: You are a man of strong conviction, you went on mission around the world and such, so how does your faith play a part in your career, if it does?

I don't know if God really cares if I win or lose, I think He wants me to be happy in whatever I am doing. I am not so sure if my faith always me to win fights, but I do think my faith always me to stay focused and grounded and that helps me win fights.

BH: What was your inspiration in lacing up the gloves?

I was not planning on being a professional boxer, I played football. I had success as an amateur and one thing led to another and the big opportunity came so I took it.

BH: If you had it your way, what would you do next?

I would fight on ESPN next, or HBO something like that to get my name out there, then fight for a title on HBO or Showtime, the opponent does not matter. I just want a top guy.

BH: Is there anything you would like to say in closing?

I want to thank my entire team for what they have been doing for my career, everybody in my family and all the writers who has supported me in my career, not exactly believing in me but putting me out there. Sooner or later everybody will be a believer.

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