Shannon Briggs: "Samuel Peter does not want to fight me!"
Interview by Benny Henderson Jr - AKA "Big Dog" (May 8, 2008) Doghouse Boxing  
It has been nearly two weeks since the former WBO heavyweight titleholder Shannon Briggs 48-5-1 (42) was here in the Doghouse responding to some comments made by the WBC heavyweight titleholder Samuel Peter 30-1 (23), who just days before had some harsh comments about Briggs. Since Briggs' response he has heard nothing from Peter nor his people and once again steps back into the Doghouse to ask the question, "where is Samuel Peter?"

As always a colorful and insightful Shannon Briggs has a mouthful to say about the recent happenings
in the boxing world, and once again you can read the exclusive interview conducted by Doghouse Boxing as Briggs speaks out on the heavyweight division, enjoy.

Benny Henderson Jr.: You and I were speaking a bit today on some recent happenings in the heavyweight division and you have a little agitation going on with the news on the Chagaev-Valuev postponement. Now that we are on the record, speak your mind my brother.

Shannon Briggs:
For the most part I turned over on a certain boxing internet news site, I hate to mention their name. Anyway I read where Chagaev-Valuev was postponed, Chagaev is ill again, it is crazy to me because I don't know if this is the third or fourth time that this guy has done this. It is amazing because when I won the title it was such a rapid chain of events and the next thing you know I was told that I had to defend against Ibragimov, we knew something was wrong when the fight was cancelled the first time, then the second time six different doctors said that I was ill. For six doctors to say that I should not fight and for me to be threatened to be stripped and banned from
the sport and sued that was crazy. And now here is Chagaev again postponing a fight and no mention of him being stripped or anything like that, that is crazy.

BH: Why is that?

I can tell you why without you saying it because I don't want to get you into any trouble but it is like this, the thing is this, there is a lot of money in German and European television rights, being made from certain networks in their country. The bottom line is that only one of the heavyweight titleholders are black, and they are all non American, I am the last American born heavyweight champion. Am I the only person that sees the injustice that is going on? No, I think everybody sees it. It is real simple look at Klitschko for instance, Wladimir lost to Purity, lost to Brewster and Sanders flattened him and they are acting like this guy is undefeated. So he had a couple wins over opponents that he was supposed to beat, so where is the greatness? He sucks! No you have his brother Vitali who can come back and get an automatic title shot, and I hear if he doesn't get it Golota who is also non black and non American is getting a title shot as well. That is crazy, how is a guy who bit Samson Po'uha, caused a riot in the Garden, disqualified twice against Bowe, quit against Tyson, stopped by Brewster, lost to Ruiz, lost to Chris Byrd and he is going to get a title shot after beating Mike Mollo who looks like an amateur boxer? How is it that beating Mike Mollo is enough for you to get a title shot? After all the injustices and bullshit that he has pulled in boxing.

BH: The last time you and I spoke on record, you responded to Samuel Peter, now it is rumored that he may fight Andrew Golota, so I am assuming you have not heard anything back from Peter's people.

Well no, Peter don't want to fight me, and understandably, I would not want to fight me if I were Peter. Samuel Peter does not want to fight Shannon Briggs. Just like he was smart enough to go to the gym after I left Vegas, he knew I was there for six days and he decided to come to the gym the day after I left, funny to me. Who knows about this guy, this is a guy who got knocked down by Jameel McCline three or four times.

BH: Some would say that Shannon Briggs is just whining.

I am whining if that is what they call it, I am speaking up for myself, I am self managed and if I do not speak up for myself who will? The boxing public does not know what goes on behind the scenes. You can call it what you want but guess what I am looking out for Shannon Briggs. I appreciate the question, if I don't speak out who will. Wladimir sucks, Vitali sucks. Wladimir had a chance to fight me before I even beat Liakhovich, he said no, he wanted to fight Brock, then when I got the strap he again said no, he wanted to fight a little guy.

BH: Do you honestly feel that you will get another title shot?

I will because I will be like Archie Moore, I am sticking around forever, I don't give a shit if I am seventy-six I am still going to be out there. I am no quitter, I am here to stay.

BH: Anything in closing?

It is only a matter of time until the boxing public wakes up. I don't see Wladimir getting past me if he ever fought me, I have the experience and punching power to put an end to his reign or whatever you want to call it. This is a debacle, it is a heavyweight mess, I am really surprised that this guy Chagaev gets all these chances to postpone and put off fights, if the man is sick he is sick, he fought one fight against Skelton that I heard could of gone either way, so he has one fight and gets a title. He has had that title for two years and had only one defense, I just barely won my title and I had to defend mine, what kind of crap is that?

BH: Maybe they did not like Bad Boys II. (Laughs)

(Laughing) It's all good man, I have a new movie coming out this week called "The Wackness" with Ben Kingsley and the Method Man so check that out.

Once again I would like to thank Shannon Briggs for choosing Doghouse Boxing as a platform to speak his mind.

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