Americo Santos: “This is going to be a wham-bam type of show!”
INTERVIEW By Benny Henderson Jr - A.K.A "Big Dog" (Jan 30, 2007) Doghouse Boxing
This Friday night February 2nd at the Chumash Casino in Santa Ynez, CA, once beaten hard-hitting 140-pound contender Americo Santos, 25-1-1 (21), is set for center stage against the tough Mexican boxer Ramon Montano, 10-3-2, on what Santos predicts will be a wham-bam type of throwdown!

The twenty-three year old WBC Latino light welterweight titleholder has paved his way to success throughout his almost five years as a professional pugilist. Possessing a powerful punching style, the in-your-face fighter has stopped twenty-one of his opponents via knockout, with nine having fallen victim to his strong-armed tactics in the opening round. Although known for his brawling style, the rising star wants to adapt to the pugilist style and showcase his boxing skill rather than just putting his opponents to sleep in the early rounds.

Santos will be throwing down against the twenty-four year old fighter Roman Montano, who although isn’t a hard hitter, you can’t question his level of opposition. Americo doesn’t over look any of his opposition and predicts a good scrap for the ringside fans. Read on to see what the young boxer has to say on his upcoming fight and the 140-pound division, enjoy.

Benny Henderson Jr.: Hey Americo, the last time we spoke you were preparing for you throw down against William Morelo, a fight were you scored a sensational twelfth round TKO, give the readers your thoughts on that W.

Americo Santos:
He was a tough guy and it was a really tough fight, we went out there and did what we were trained to do. I was in shape and very confident about my endurance and I went out there and did my best.

BH: Your last bout was a technical draw against Jorge Alberto Padilla.

The first round I came out a little slow, I wanted to see what the guy had, I guess to get a feel of him, I wanted to see what his strengths were. In the second round I started letting my punches go more, I found it to be fairly easy to stand there with this guy, the third round came out and that is when I started feeling that I was hurting him and honestly I don’t think the fight would have gone any further, I was hurting him badly and staggered him twice, I just feel it was the worse of luck for me with the head butt.

BH: How about your upcoming fight this Friday night, what can you tell us about your opponent Roman Montano?

I know he is an in-your-face fighter and will be in front of me, he will be fairly easy to hit, but he is a very strong fighter as well, he won’t stop coming and will be right in front of me so that kind of fight will be in my favor because that is the type of fight I like. I like the person in front of me and it will help me show my boxing skills and give me a lot more to play with.

BH: With him standing in front of you and in your face will you be expecting more of a brawl or a chess match?

Oh no, it will be a chess match. I am going to box and show a little bit more of my boxing skills, that is something that I haven’t been doing much of in my last few fights. It will be a great opportunity for me to show off my boxing skills.

BH: Here you are twenty-seven fights into the game, wins over some credible opposition, and ranked fourteen in the WBC, but still flying a bit under the radar. What is it going to take for yourself to gain some recognition and hopefully get a title shot, or whom is it going to have to be against in the 140-pound division for the fight world to come to know the name Americo Santos?

We are not in any rush, we are going to let time tell, we are going to keep working hard as we have always done. Like I said before we are in no rush, we aren’t going to try to go out there and make the wrong moves and mistakes just by trying to rush myself. Time will tell and hopefully everything will come out great.

BH: Give us your thoughts on the 140-pound division and its major players, and how would you like to step in with?

Ah, I am a humble person and don’t call anybody out, I don’t talk trash, I’m in this sport because I love it and for nothing else. It is fun to me and I am going to keep doing it. I am not doing this for the name recognition; I mean you do always appreciate being recognized out there in the streets.

BH: You know in my opinion Americo it is always great to be humble, that is a characteristic I like. Now as a writer I am thinking come on Americo give me something, call somebody out say something bad about somebody… no man, just kidding, you are doing a great job. (Both laughing)

Really to me boxing is boxing, I am going to go in there and fight whoever it is in the other corner, doesn’t matter who, I don’t run from no one or duck anybody, whoever it is I fight best of luck to them and know that I am coming and let the best man win.

BH: Do you feel that hailing from Dallas, TX witch isn’t known as a major fight town, but do you feel that the geographic is the reason why you aren’t recognized more in the fight world, then opposed to living and fighting out of Vegas, New York or Atlantic City?

That could play some into this, but whatever it is I will not be stopped, I will get my name out there and people will recognize who I am because of the way I fight, I am going to let the way I fight tell the story.

BH: What do you feel your greatest assets are in the ring?

I guess I am like the everyday Mexican fighters, go out there and brawl, I like to think of myself as a warrior. But now that I am a little bit more into my career I want to actually change it up a little bit and give them something else to talk about, show the fans my skills and angles, give them something else to talk about other than me just being a warrior going out there to fight.

BH: What is your outlook on 2007?

Well hopefully this year I can get the chance for a couple of more titles, maybe with these chances I will get my name out there and get a bit more recognized with that.

BH: Is there anything you want to add to or say in closing of this interview?

I just want to tell everyone come February 2nd it is going to be a wham-bam type of show, and I am going to give them what they paid for, I am going to give it all I got.

Americo is trained by his father Americo Santos Sr. and Luis Miramoutas, and is promoted by Gary Shaw.

I would like to thank Luis Miramoutas for setting up this interview, as well as Americo Santos for his time and thoughts.

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