Dominick Guinn Interview Part One: "Yo Sultan, get the money right b*tch and I’ll fight you anywhere!"
INTERVIEW by Benny Henderson Jr (Feb 22, 2007) Doghouse Boxing
It was reported recently that the former heavyweight contender Dominick Guinn, 28-4-1 (19), had turned down an offer to fight the #1 WBO heavyweight contender Sultan Ibragimov March 10th at Madison Square Garden. After the WBO heavyweight champion Shannon Briggs pulled out due to aspirated pneumonia (very understandable) Team Ibragimov wanted to find a replacement to keep the fight date. In searching for a substitute the name Dominick Guinn was brought up as a potential opponent along with a few others, the release went on to say that Guinn, along with the others turned down the fight due to lack of heart.

In this exclusive interview Guinn chose the Doghouse to get his side of the story out to the public and gives his side of this debacle and the comments made by Team Ibragimov, he even throws in his thoughts on a rematch against Tony Thompson, enjoy.

Benny Henderson Jr.: Let’s just jump into this one, it was reported that you turned down a fight with the #1 WBO heavyweight contender Sultan Ibragimov, basically said you and the few they offered the fight to had no heart for declining the fight. Just shoot to the fans your thoughts on the matter at hand.

Dominick Guinn:
I just wanted to say to everybody that read the press release and Ibragimov’s comments that I think Ibragimov is a bitch, his people called me and offered me $20,000 for the fight, I felt that was crumbs for a type of fight as such. Here he is getting ready to fight Shannon Briggs, Briggs was getting 1.8 million dollars so I am pretty sure Ibragimov was going to make a nice purse to. If I had gotten the $250,000 they said that they were given us then I would have fought him Monday night when they called me and offered me the fight. If I would have been offered $250,000 then we could have fought in a back alley down here in Houston, we don’t even have to do this in a boxing ring. I’ll fight anybody anywhere, especially if they offer me a substantial amount of money.

BH: You were offered $20,000 to face Sultan?

They offered me $20,000, I told them I could make that much raking leaves, that was why I turned the fight down, not because I felt that he was a tough opponent, I feel like he isn’t sh*t! So once they do put the money up for this fight, which they won’t, but he can put his ass where his mouth is. $20,000 to fight him isn’t worth it, I figured my promoter and the other guy was trying to get over me and so I definitely wasn’t going to take the fight for $20,000. It was a money thing for me, I am trying to take care of my family, and I am not in this game just to be out here fighting, I am trying to take care of my family. They want to pay bum money and I’m not a damn bum!

BH: Exactly how much would it take for you to fight Sultan Ibragimov?

A nice amount of money, the $250,000 they said they were going to pay me, send me that $250,000 and we can fight next week. We can fight as soon as I get the check, we don’t have to wait till March 10th to fight.

BH: Would you like to send out a message to Sultan Ibragimov?

Get the money right b*tch and I’ll fight you anywhere!

BH: So if the money were right you’d take the fight in March?

Yes, I’ll take the short notice if the money was right.

BH: You heard what Tony Thompson had to say about you in a recent interview.

(Dominick cutting off the question)

DG: Yes! And I told my manager that I would love a rematch against Thompson, I’m back with Ronnie Shields and I am back training the way Ronnie and I used to train, I am not going to be over trained. When I fought Thompson I left my fight in the gym, that’s why I was dead in the ring, and if he didn’t see that then he’s not a fighter, he should have known something was wrong with me over in round three, I couldn’t do nothing else, but I would love a rematch, because I would definitely stop him.

BH: If you could send out a message to Tony Thompson what would it be?

I will knock you out! I felt like I was going to knock him out that night until I got in the ring and felt that my legs and all were gone, I knew that I over-trained, but I know when I do get another chance, we will meet again and I will knock him the f*ck out!

BH: Anything you want to add in closing?

To everybody out there keep your eyes open because I am coming, and to Ibragimov, keep talking and I’m going to be your Huckleberry!

I would like to thank Dominick Guinn for choosing Doghouse Boxing to get his thoughts out there. Stay tuned next week for the second part of this interview.
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