Allan Green: “Miranda, go back to Columbia because after this fight Puerto Rico isn’t going to want you anymore!”
INTERVIEW By Benny Henderson Jr , AKA Big Dog (March 1, 2007) Doghouse Boxing
Coming up this Saturday night March 3rd at the Coliseo Roberto Clemente Coliseum in San Juan, Puerto Rico live on HBO 9:45 PM ET/6:45 PM PT undefeated super middleweight contender Allan Green 23-0 (16) puts his unblemished record on the line against the once beaten Columbian Edison Miranda 27-1 (24) in a scheduled ten round 168-pound clash.

The Oklahoma native who carries the nick name “Sweetness” has been more sour to his opposition bringing some bitter pain to the division with his hard hands in his five years of professional boxing, tallying up some crowd-pleasing knockouts that include a sixth round TKO over Donnie McCrary that had both combatants on the canvas, the five round thumping over the former “The Contender” contestant Anthony Bonsante, and the unforgettable eighteen second romping over Jaidon Codrington, Green has become known as a heavy handed one. His opponent has the “KO Artist” appeal as well. Twenty-four of Miranda’s twenty-seven fights have ended in knock out. With forty knockouts between the two, twenty-
two in the opening round it is safe to say this one may not make it to the cards, expect fire works.

In this Doghouse exclusive Allan Green speaks out on his upcoming match up against Miranda, enjoy.

Benny Henderson Jr.: Allan I just want to say thanks again for taking the time out to speak to Doghouse Boxing, always a pleasure. You went 5-0 (4 KO’s) for 2006, looking back on the year what grade would you give yourself and how much do you feel you have grown?

Allan Green:
Anytime, I would give myself a C+ maybe, I have grown a lot but like I said the world has yet to see the best of Allan Green. I have grown a lot and it was a good year for me I fought a lot and it has done a lot for me I am a much better fighter now.

BH: Your scheduled bout against Edison Miranda is just a few days away; tell us how you feel coming into this clash?

I feel great, I feel like a monster and March 3rd the world is going to see a monster.

BH: There has been a bit of the old war of the words coming into this bout, you know it always sells the fight, but I want your thoughts on Miranda stating that he was going to punish you and that the kids did not need to see this one for the fact they may be traumatized from you being brutally being beat up.

I am going to tell you something, the thing is that is not him talking that is his people, and I heard from a very good source that’s not him. That’s his people running their mouths and talking for him and all he is going to get is a beating because of them, I don’t just want to beat him I’ll humiliate him!

BH: A question all fighters are asked when they travel, your thoughts on heading to Puerto Rico and getting a fair shake?

I don’t give a damn where the fight is at, like I told everybody we can fight behind K-Mart it doesn’t make a difference where the fight is taking place. if I knock him out which I will if I don’t it will be so one sided that it won’t make a difference so I really don’t care.

BH: Being brutally honest in your answer, is Miranda’s power a big concern for yourself coming into this match-up?

You know people seem to forget I am a power puncher and I promise you that he doesn’t hit harder than I do. I’m the bigger guy and his power is not a concern at all, I wouldn’t worry about a truck or a buffalo hurting me if it was coming at me at two miles per hour. But when you have a nuclear missile coming at your ass at ten thousand miles per hour then that’s a different story that’s when your talking about Allan Green.

BH: What fight plan are you adapting to for this fight, and what steps are you taking to tighten up your defense?

You know Benny I am a defensive wizard, when I fought Ted Muller I went the whole fight and kept him in single digits in every round, I’m not a fighter who gets hit a lot. My defense will be intact and I really can’t say what game plan I am going to use I have about ten to fifteen different ones that I can use on him but I don’t know yet.

BH: Besides his power, what other strengths in Miranda do you see that could pose a threat and what weaknesses do you feel you can feed on in this match-up?

Like I said man, anything that he has, a person I was talking to the other day who is neutral in this whole situation he told me I am going to be honest with you, only thing he has is a punchers chance, but anybody has that, at the same time he has no chance, I’ll leave it at that.

BH: One more time for the quality quotes you always hand out for the readers, if you could send out a personal message to Edison Miranda coming into this fight what would you say?

Go back to Columbia because after this fight Puerto Rico isn’t going to want you anymore.

BH: Anything in closing that you would like to add to this interview?

Everybody who picked him to win you call yourself a quote unquote expert, at the end off this fight your not an expert I am telling you, you are just a hype groupie.

I would like to thank Allan Green once again for taking out the time to give his thoughts for Doghouse Boxing.
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