Brian Minto: “You have to take chances to get anywhere”
By Benny Henderson Jr, AKA Big Dog (March 16, 2007) Doghouse Boxing
Just six months after his shocking six round romping over the former world title challenger Axel Schulz, heavyweight contender Brian Minto 27-1 (16) heads back across the pond to prove that you have to take chances to get anywhere in this business of boxing.

Coming up this weekend, ‘The Beast’ will square off against his toughest challenge when he faces long time heavyweight contender Luan Krasniqi 29-2-1 (14) in a scheduled twelve round heavyweight clash for the vacant WBO Inter-Continental heavyweight title in Stuttgart, Germany.

Last November the Pennsylvanian traveled to Westfalen, Germany and battered the former title challenger Axel Schulz into a sixth round submission, gaining recognition for the W but being taunted for the seven year lay off Schulz was coming off for the fight. So once again Minto is going in as the underdog looking for the W over Krasniqi not just to gain the win for something bigger in the future, but to hush the nay Sayers and get find the respect he has been fighting for.

Brian called the Doghouse from his Hotel room over in Germany and gave his thoughts on his upcoming match-up, what can be gained what could be lost and what about the respect he will garner with a win, enjoy.

Benny Henderson Jr.: Give the readers your thoughts on your upcoming bout against Luan Krasniqi.

Brian Minto:
It is going to be a very competitive and difficult fight, but I am well prepared and it is going to be a big step up for me in the right direction.

BH: What statement do you feel that you made with your win over Axel Schulz?

I just feel that I proved people wrong, everybody thought that I was an undersized heavyweight. I think it proved that I could compete with the big guys.

BH: After beating Schulz you heard the old, well he was past his prime and had been out for such a long time, now coming into this one you hear Luan has been more active a lot more stronger. How would you refute the nay Sayers on these two bouts?

I mean only time will tell, I mean the fight will tell all, where I am at, my skill level. I know I am in great condition and I am ready for this fight and I prepared well. I think that a lot of people think that I am not even in his league because of his skill level; I think it is a good test for me, especially over here. But I think in boxing you have to take chances, that is the only way you get anywhere, you cannot be afraid to fight.

BH: You seen the fight between Krasniqi and Lamon Brewster with the infamous eighteen second knockdown Luan received, or however long the count was, most certainly was way over ten seconds. Do you feel that you have to knock this guy out to win?

Yeah, that is what I said, I think that they will try to cheat as much as they can possibly try to cheat. I mean this is for the vacant WBO Inter-Continental heavyweight title, so hopefully there are going to be some neutral judges, but then again I’m not sure how that is going to go. They can try to cheat me as much as they want like they did before but I am not going to leave it in the judge’s hands. This fight I am going for broke and I am bringing everything that I have.

BH: Looking at your opponent what do you see as his strong points that can give you trouble and what weaknesses do you see that you feel you can capitalize on?

Right now I think that he can give me trouble…he is taller than me like everybody else is. He has a good jab, and a really good technical right hand, he seems like a good puncher. I am prepared, I always go into a fight with a good game plan, and I can counter act his strengths. His weaknesses, it doesn’t seem as if he is very mentally stable, he quit in a few fights, the Brewster fight he turned his back and said that was enough. He quit against Saleta, so that is where I am looking to bring the fight to him I think once things gets to tough for him he looks for ways out, I am a hungry fighter and I am looking to make it where he is, I am not taking nothing away from him at all, he has accomplished a lot in boxing but I am the blue collar guy and I am looking for the opportunity to be where these guys are at.

BH: How different is this trip than the first one as far as your mental state?

Before I did not know what to expect, but now I am like I have been here it is a little easier to adapt. I have some fans here. Time is going quick because of the time change.

BH: When you went into the bout against Schulz you pretty much stated that you had nothing to lose, how different is this one than the first one; you still have that mind set?

Yeah, I kind of look at it as the same way, I am not expected to win, I am a three to one underdog, so I mean I have a lot to lose but I just take that and seem like that motivates me more and relaxes me more, I don’t have all the pressure on me, Like I told you before I am not the one fighting in front of my people, the pressure is on him to look well. I don’t know if I am going to get the same Krasniqi that fought Brewster or the one that knocked out Lance Whitaker, we will have to wait and see. I am a fast heavyweight, right now I am as sharp and slick as I have ever been, I am in great physical condition, I may not have his size but we will see how big his heart is and what kind of shape he is in.

BH: Do you feel a win over Krasniqi will get you the respect that you feel you deserve?

Oh I think this one definitely will, he is considered a good fighter, he is ranked, I think it will put me up there in the top ten so this means a lot. The next step could be a big fight with somebody.

BH: Anything you want to say or add in closing?

We hope to get it aired so the United Sates can see the fight, instead of everybody hearing about actually seeing what kind of effort I give. I am not going to let anybody down; I am very focused and very ready for this fight. Once again I will prove the nay Sayers wrong.

I would like to thank Brian for taking the time out to speak to Doghouse Boxing, for more info on Brian please visit his website

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