Dominick Guinn; “No time for talking, I’ll do that May 4th!”
By Benny Henderson Jr (May 3, 2007) Doghouse Boxing
The resurgence of the former heavyweight contender Dominick Guinn has had a lot of people talking, everybody from the media to the fans…everyone except the man himself. Instead of taking the time out for the pre fight conversations with one media outlet to another going into detail of his fight plans and so candidly giving out his blunt opinions on his opponents as he has done in the past, this time it has been silence, and if silence is golden than come May 4th on Showtime’s ShoBox: The New Generation 11:00 PM ET/PT where Guinn will take on the unbeaten heavyweight contender Eddie Chambers 28-0 (16), we the fight fans should be ready for a rejuvenated, rededicated, refocused and most importantly a different Dominick Guinn.

We all know the story on Dominick Guinn, a former amateur stand out who burst on the scene the summer of 2000
beating down a path of heavyweights that include a seventh round annihilation over the former title challenger Michael Grant, to easily earning himself a unanimous decision over Duncan Dokiwari. Then came his homecoming bout in March of ’04 against Monte Barrett, where he lost a split decision to the rough housed heavyweight, and in many eyes lost his fire and desire.

Once a sought after heavyweight who many in the fight world felt was heir to the heavyweight throne, to what many in the media now call an underachiever. Sour showings that resulted to losses against Sergei Liakhovich, James Toney and Tony Thompson have had many Guinn fans jumping off the bandwagon, and it prompted a plethora of bad press with writers calling him every pessimistic phrase possible.

You had a guy with the talent to reign, the skills to succeed and the physique to carry the load to do it all in the ring, but the lack of passion and unwillingness to let his hands go gave the Arkansan a bad rap with the media and the fans in general. But all though he had his short comings Guinn was never reluctant in telling the boxing world that one day he would be champion.

Since my time in the writing ranks I personally have came across some good talkers in the business, some who could fight, and some who just could talk a good game but could not in no shape or form beat their selves out of a wet paper bag, Guinn is not one of those who cannot back up his words. The man is physically capable of inflicting pain, but at times has no doubt been mentally incapable of doing his job. There are a lot of colorful people in the fight world, Guinn is one, since our first interview years back to the present time together during interview sessions it has been quite comical at times. He is always willing to throw out some great quotes, never scared to call anybody out or again as I stated before giving his outspoken thoughts on his foes, it is something I have grown accustomed to.

But something has changed!

After getting word that Guinn would be facing Chambers I was prepared for the press tour of sending out press releases and setting up interviews, but the usual talkative Guinn wanted nothing of the sort, instead his exact quote to me was, “I do not want to talk unless I have too, I want to wait until May 4th and just let my hands do the talking for me.”

There has to be a reason for his lack of conversing on this upcoming bout, yes there is…I can honestly say it seems as if Dominick Guinn has seen the light, his trainer Ronnie Shields put it best, “Dominick has really been working hard, he is more focused.”

Emphasis on focus!

The need of fire and desire can be attributed to the lack of focus; it does not take a rocket science to figure that one out. Why the lack of focus? Does not matter now, that is the past, the future is what counts from now on, and Guinn’s future consists of ‘Fast’ Eddie Chambers, an undefeated heavyweight with quick hands.

The Pittsburgh born pugilist made his debut December of 2000, since his introduction into the bang for your buck sport Chambers has went flawless in twenty-eight fights. With his solid boxing and fast hands Eddie has earned W’s over the likes of veteran Ross Puritty, Ed Mahone and tallied up his biggest win to date this past February where he hands down handed out a lopsided beating onto the then undefeated Derrick Rossy. After seven and a half rounds of punishment Rossy portrayed a grotesque swollen right eye that looked as if it could bust at anytime, referee Arthur Mercante Jr. called halt to the bout giving Chambers the win as well as the USBA heavyweight strap.

All though Chambers greatest asset is speed, Ronnie Shields believes that Guinn is just as fast and has that one more accolade that can win him the bout, “Chambers has a lot of speed, but so does Dominick, but Dominick also has power, that will be the difference in this bout,” explains Shields, “Eddie has never faced a caliber of fighter of Dominick Guinn, so this is a great match-up for us.”

All though Guinn has opted to tone down the talking, he still has something to say on his new out look on life as well as his boxing career, “I have rededicated myself and I can contribute that God,” explains Dominick, “I am looking to walk more in the footsteps that He wants me to walk in. Everybody goes astray and walks off, I have been reading the Bible and going to Bible studies, I know that has nothing to do with boxing but it does with everyday life, and other than boxing that is my everyday life. I do want to be around here after boxing.”

As far as his opponent goes, Guinn says that Eddie is slick, crafty and a speedy guy, but he does not want to go into much more detail than what he has to Dominick explains, “With this fight coming up I am just going to go in there and let my hands do my talking for me, and prove why once I was the best and that I am the best and future of heavyweight boxing.”

With back-to-back wins under Guinn’s belt he has seemingly found that confidence that he once had, but most importantly Dominick has found himself again, and a focused Dominick Guinn, is a dangerous Dominick Guinn. But no matter what I write down or how I make it look on paper what matters most is how Guinn performs come fight night and there is only one thing Dominick has to say about that, “Just wait till May 4th!”

I would like to thank Dominick Guinn as well as Ronnie Shields for taking the time out to give the Doghouse some quotes.

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