Big Dog’s Prospect Watch: Francisco Santana - Young, but very able!
INTERVIEW by Benny Henderson Jr (May 4, 2007) Doghouse Boxing
While most will be tuning into Showtime’s Friday night all heavyweight televised action, the non televised portion will feature a young up and comer that although at this time may not be a house hold name, he does carry the tools of the trade that is helping himself build a solid foundation to bigger and better things.

Doghouse Boxing introduces Francisco Santana 5-0 (3), an undefeated Jr. Middleweight on the rise to make a name for himself, and his march to greatness continues this Friday night at the Palms Casino, in Las Vegas, NV in a four round
bout against the dreaded T.B.A. But either way, the twenty year old is ready for war.

Hailing from San Jose, CA, Santana banged it out in the amateurs compiling a stellar record of 78-8 winning the Junior Olympics as well as the Silver Gloves and Junior Golden Gloves titles. Since his debut in the fall of 2005 the young gun has defeated all in his pathway with his fast hands and powerful punches, his talent level was good enough that it caught the eye of the former Bantamweight world champion Wayne McCullough, who now trains Santana and has the belief his young gun will be a big shooter one day, "Francisco is a hard worker. He's willing to learn and puts into action what I teach him, explains Wayne, “When he came to me he was raw but now he's relaxed and putting combinations together. I believe he will be the next generation of stars in the sport.” Santana also has a promotional deal with Goosen Tutor and is managed by Wayne’s wife Cheryl McCullough.

All together they are racking up the wins and gaining Santana the experience along the way that is needed to be a major player in the fight world, and all though there is a slew of prospects in the light middleweight division Francisco believes that what sets him apart is his greatest qualities and his team, “My greatest qualities would be my strength and determination, but I have a lot to learn,” explains Francisco, “But training with Wayne gives me an edge most people don't have the luxury of, Wayne has been there and done that. I want to be a champion and I believe the people around me can help me achieve my dream, I want to be a champion and there's no-one better for me than Wayne to help me make it to the top of my division.”

With youth comes temptations, but the young pugilist keeps his head on straight with the wisdom trainer Wayne McCullough offers up, so with the guidance he overcomes the hardest aspects of being a professional fighter, which in Francisco’s case has been sacrifice, discipline and making weight, but he is learning as he goes and has a bright outlook on the future.

So far Francisco has stopped three of his five opponents, and in his last outing, which was November of 2006, Santana earned a unanimous decision over the then nineteen-fight veteran Daniel Stanisavljevic. This Friday night marks his sixth bout as a professional and at this time despite the unnamed opponent Santana is confident he will find victory with his team behind him, and to prove all though he is very young in the sport, he is very able.

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