Aaron Jaco: “Tell the UFC that I’d fight one of their fighters in a heart beat!”
INTERVIEW by Benny Henderson Jr (May 31, 2007) Doghouse Boxing
With all the back and forth backbiting and heated debates between the world of the UFC and boxing on which is the greater of the two sports, the arguments are getting a bit stale. For someone such as Joe Rogan to go on and say that boxing is the lesser of the two because all you do is use your hands is just ludicrous; for Lou DiBella to call Ultimate Fighting cocking fighting is farce as well. Both have their great qualities and it actually just depends on which style you prefer.

There is no denying the fact that the UFC has come full circle in their popularity, just tune into Spike TV every week and you will get your dose of cage action. I myself enjoy both; I have my favorites in both respected sports. But to heck with the debate on which is better, which is most popular or who would win in a
street fight, etc. I say take two fighters, one from each of the respected organizations and throw them into the cage together using the UFC rules, then let them duke it out in the ring with boxing rules, so we can see the outcome of both throwdowns. Din Thomas just recently called out boxing in this past weekends UFC extravaganza, well, we have a boxer that has answered the call.

I give you light heavyweight prospect Aaron Jaco, 14-2 (4), who was watching this past weekend’s pay-per-view showdown, who as soon heard the comment stated, “I’d do it in a heartbeat!”

So, now you have a boxer calling out the UFC. “You tell Dana White I’d fight one of his fighters in a heartbeat,” exclaims Aaron, “You have some of them guys downing my sport of boxing, man, they all want to be boxers!”

Jaco is a thirty year old Floridian who has been fighting professionally since 2002. Out of his sixteen bouts he has only dropped two defeats, he has earned himself the NBA junior intercontinental light heavyweight title, and in his most recent victory he traveled to Germany and defeated Sven Haselhuhn in his own backyard, now he has his heart set on setting the record straight by facing a UFC combatant, one in particular.

“I’d like to fight Chris Leban, they have him on TV all the time, heck he lost on the last UFC show this past weekend,” explains Aaron, “I watched the fight and in my opinion they both sucked. All they did was stand there and try to box the whole time, and they absolutely sucked, they stunk it up.”

Jaco’s dismay comes because he to is a fan of both, but feels that the heckling is just a bit childish, just one another trying to blow up their sport. And for the ones who say that the UFC has over taken boxing in popularity, Aaron has his views and opinions on that subject as well. “Here is how I feel, the younger generation I think to them UFC has surpassed boxing, they are watching TV, playing the video games, watching these knockout videos they have on TV of the UFC. It just so happened that the UFC landed a great station in Spike to be showcased on. They have a few cool characters as well; the younger kids are into all of that, but to the ones like me and some of the older crowd, they still root for boxing.”

The debate will most likely continue on until something goes down, but Jaco is not waiting around, he wants a piece of the action now. “We sent an email to the UFC, I hope to hear back from them on the matter. Let them talk their trash, I will say this,” exclaims Aaron, “I watched Leban and Starnes go at it, and they just stunk it up, they have no boxing skill whatsoever, if they want to put on the gloves and get into the ring, I’d knock them out. They all want to be boxers, but they do not have the hand skill as we boxers have.”

In closing Aaron sums up the situation with one confident quote. “You tell the UFC that I’d fight one of their fighters in a heartbeat, I will be waiting for their response.”

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