Sergei Liakhovich; “Ibragimov, I will fight you anytime and anywhere, I am ready!”
Interview by Benny Henderson Jr (June 18, 2007)
Former WBO heavyweight titleholder Sergei Liakhovich 23-2 (14) is ready to return to the ring, and the ‘White Wolf’ has his sights set on strapping on his former heavyweight hardware by getting in the ring with the reigning WBO titleholder Sultan Ibragimov and the Belarus born boxer has a few choice words for Sultan.

Liakhovich made his name known after defeating former hot contender Dominick Guinn in December of 2004, but after a fight of the year candidate April of ’06 when Liakhovich waged war against then titleholder Lamon Brewster, Liakhovich
earned not only the title by unanimous decision but came to the forefront as one of the top stars in the heavyweight division.

In November of ’06, Liakhovich was dethroned by the hard-hitting New Yorker Shannon Briggs in what was a plodding tactical twelve round fight. Liakhovich had the W sewn up on all cards but was dropped twice in the closing seconds of the bout, with the second knockdown sending Sergei out of the ring, where he was counted out.

Liakhovich declared his ribs where broken going into the fight, which explained the lackluster performance, but now after fully healing up he is ready to get back in the ring and mix it up, and he has one name in mind, Ibragimov! Especially after the now titleholder had some negative comments regarding Liakhovich in the Briggs fight.

Read on to see what Liakhovich had to say on the topic of Ibragimov and his scheduled return, along with his thoughts on the upcoming Brewster vs. Klitschko rematch, enjoy.

Benny Henderson Jr.: First off, what have you been up to and are you fully healed and ready to fight again?

Sergei Liakhovich:
I am ready to fight, I am waiting for the promoter to get me a fight, get me a fight and I will fight.

BH: Let’s just get down to business. Ibragimov, who now holds the WBO title you once held, had a few choice comments about toy before his fight against Briggs. You know all what he said, calling you scared, etc. I just want your thoughts and reactions to his comments.

Actually it was a big surprise for me with what he said, he said I was scared when I fought Briggs, it was a big surprise for me. If he wants to check out how scared I am, I will fight him anywhere.

BH: What about the fight itself against Briggs, did you watch Ibragimov and Briggs, if so give us your thoughts.

SL: Yeah I watched the fight; it was a good fight for Ibragimov. It was a tactical fight, I seen nothing special in Ibragimov in that fight, it was an ordinary fight.

BH: How do you feel you would match-up against Ibragimov?

I said many times I do not want to make any predictions on something like this, I know we came from old Soviet Union. He changed his style some; he picked up something from what they call boxing school…

BH: With you coming off an upsetting loss, you do feel that you need a warm up before going straight for a title shot, kind of to shake off the ring rust?

No, for me it is just the bullsh*t politics, it is unbelievable. This guy fought for the number one spot, he had the fight with Austin and they put him as number one in the WBO, it is unbelievable.

BH: You have the Brewster vs. Klitschko rematch coming up next month, you have any thoughts on that fight?

If Lamon has recovered from his injury he can beat him, if he fights a smart fight. Take away Klitschko’s jab, move side to side and go straight at him. Right now Klitschko is up because he won a few fights, again against whom?

BH: I guess in closing, if you could say anything to Sultan Ibragimov what would you say to him

Hey man you know what, listen, you want to fight me, don’t start saying all this bullsh*t that I am scared to fight somebody, if you are tough enough and if you want to fight, if you want to prove how sacred I am, well I am ready, just sign a contract and I will fight you anywhere anytime.

I would like to thank Sergei Liakhovich for taking the time out to speak to the Doghouse.

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