David Banks; “Manfredo, do not underestimate me!”
Interview by Benny Henderson Jr (June 19, 2007)
Coming up this Wednesday night June 20th from the Foxwoods Resort and Casino in Mashantucket, CT to be televised live on ESPN’s WNF 10:00 PM ET, once-beaten David Banks 14-1-1 (2) takes on his toughest task when he squares off against season one’s ‘The Contender’ participant Peter Manfredo Jr. 27-4 (13) in a scheduled ten round super middleweight bout. Tough test or not, the Portland pugilist feels that underestimation will be one of his keys to victory as he looks to garner up another upset over the crowd favorite.

Banks is a twenty-four year old fighter hailing from Portland, OR, who has only one blemish on his record in his sixteen fights and two years of the professional boxing world, and the upset specialist does not mind coming in as the underdog. Winning the majority of his bouts via unanimous decision with his fast hands and excellent counter punching, Banks recently traveled to the hometown of once-beaten Elvin Ayala and walked away with a ten round unanimous decision win.

Banks’ opponent Peter Manfredo Jr. is best known for his stint on the boxing reality series ‘The Contender’. He is a technical fighter who had some notable wins over Scott Pemberton (TKO 3), and Joe Spina (TKO 3) before suffering an upsetting third round TKO loss from undefeated WBO super middleweight titleholder Joe Calzaghe this past April. Now one win back in the victory column and Manfredo is ready to roll on, but Banks looks to derail the Manfredo train and make a name for himself coming up fight night.

In this exclusive interview with Doghouse Boxing, David speaks out on his upcoming match-up against Manfredo, enjoy.

Benny Henderson Jr.: Give the readers your thoughts on this Wednesday’s match-up against Peter Manfredo Jr.

David Banks:
I am in high spirits, I have had a hell of a camp. I am stronger than I have ever been, I am in great shape, and I have put much more roadwork in that I ever have. I am real confident, I think I have a good chance at this, I do not think Manfredo is to concerned with me but he definitely should be. I am going to bring it all ten rounds if need be, it is going to be hard to hit me because I am hard to it and I do not think he is taking this to seriously. I hope he is because I definitely am.

BH: Do you feel that his people are bringing you in to fight Manfredo on TV believing he is going to have a walk over win making himself look good for the television viewing fans, more or less you being the opponent?

DB: Most definitely, I think they checked out my record and my resume and they think he is just going to walk through me, like he did in his last fight. But I am going to stand up and fight him all ten rounds if need be, unless he wants to take me head on because I am definitely going for the win, I am not going there to lose. I just beat Ayala back there in Connecticut. That was his hometown so I am definitely not scared to go into his hometown.

BH: What do you see as Peter’s strengths that could pose a threat and his weaknesses that you feel you could capitalize on?

I know he is technical, he is an excellent fighter, and he will bring the punches. I think my speed is really going to upset him and frustrate him. I know as he starts to get out his game plan he starts to leave some openings up so that is what I am going to go after, I am an excellent counter puncher so I am going to catch him coming in, we have been working on a few things. I am going to feel him out the first couple of rounds and then go from there but I do not think he can handle my speed.

BH: Do you feel that your speed is your best qualities and your key to victory?

Oh all around, I am completely faster than him.

BH: If you could send out a message to Manfredo before the fight what would it be?

Do not underestimate me, and be sure to bring you’re A game because I am bringing mine.

I would like to thank Fred Ryan for helping out with this interview, and a thanks goes out to David Banks for his time and thoughts.

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