Cliff Couser; “I want to fight!”
INTERVIEW By Benny Henderson Jr (June 28, 2007) Doghouse Boxing
Regardless of what you think about the colorful character known as ‘The Black Bull’ or ‘Twin Tyson’, you have to give veteran Cliff Couser 25-12-2 (13) respect for making the ring walk forty-one times over his fourteen year career as a professional boxer, and although his success has been back and forth and recently to a minimal the thirty-six year old journeyman wants to continue on with his boxing career, and confidently exclaims to Doghouse Boxing, “I want fight!”

The St. Louis born boxer made his professional debut the summer of 1993, in his first four professional fights he tallied up three wins and one draw before falling to his first defeat to the former cruiserweight contender Brian LaSpada. Couser went back and forth from the win column beating out the usual suspects in building his record, but his biggest win in his early career came in late summer of 1996 when the then 8-3-2 Couser stopped the former heavyweight title challenger James Tillis via six round TKO.

Couser totes around the nickname the ‘Twin Tyson’ for good reason. Not only does he have characteristics of the former champ from the black trunks to fighting sockless and claims to be his half brother, he also played Tyson in 1997’s biographical movie ‘Don King: Only in America’. And although his success has not been as the iron one, his in your face fighting style and regular outbursts has been characterized as Tyson-like.

Couser has had some humdingers as a professional in the heavyweight division, he has banged out some big wins against the likes of James Tillis, Dale Crowe and an exciting third round romping over the former heavyweight title challenger Jorge Luis Gonzalez, but has fallen short against some of the higher caliber opposition as well as some D-class level of
opponents, but despite his short falls Couser feels it is a part of the business. “You know everybody has had their share of ups and downs,” explains Cliff. “I have had my downs and managerial problems and so on, but just do not judge me for mine.”

Couser blames a lot of his career defects on mismanagement, and now has taken on the reigns on the managerial side of his career and hopes to get back in the ring as soon as possible. “I would like to fight overseas once again, I love it over there,” states Couser, “I will fight anybody overseas, so get the word out because I want to stay busy.”

Despite the fact that Couser’s last win came over a year ago and his last two bouts ended in knockouts – and not in his favor – he confidently states, “I still have something, and I want to wreak havoc on the division!”

His last bout this past May was a second round knockout loss to fellow Missourian Rob Calloway, and before that he suffered a first round stoppage from the hands of the former heavyweight title holder Michael Moorer, but either way Cliff wants a rematch with both. “ I was sick going into those fights and do not believe in turning down fights,” Couser explains. “To both Moorer and Calloway I will say this, give me a rematch, you know you were lucky!”

As I stated at the beginning of the interview, despite of what you may think of Cliff Couser you have to give the man some props for stepping in there, and if he wants to continue on with his career, let him do so. And regardless if you believe Couser can win a few more notable bouts or not, he believes he can and closes by saying, “I want to stay busy, everybody needs to stay busy, and I know I still have something and I will make it clear…I want to fight!”

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