Lamon Brewster: “I want a tie-breaker with Klitschko!”
INTERVIEW By Benny Henderson Jr (July 12, 2007) Doghouse Boxing
Coming off his upsetting loss in the anticipated rematch against the IBF/IBO heavyweight titleholder Wladimir Klitschko this past weekend in Germany, Lamon Brewster 33-4 (29) has no intentions of calling it a career; in fact the ‘Relentless’ one has his mind set on a return in hopes of a Klitschko vs. Brewster three-peat.

Brewster, who garnered a fifth round win over the Ukrainian three years ago and earning himself the WBO heavyweight strap in the process, successfully defended his heavyweight hardware three times before dropping his belt unanimously to Sergei Liakhovich April of 2006. In that bout Brewster detached his retina in his left eye that required surgery.

After being cleared by the doctors to fight and a fifteen month layoff, Brewster declined any tune-ups and went straight for the top of the crop when he took a fight with Klitschko. After being beaten to the punch for six rounds by the punishing jab and powerful right hand that Klitschko offered up, Brewster’s trainer Buddy McGirt pulled the plug on the fight in between rounds six and seven, handing Brewster his second consecutive loss.

Now back at home with the family looking back on the fight itself, Brewster feels confident that with a few tune-up fights he will be ready for Klitschko vs. Brewster III and hopes that he will get the chance to have the rubber match with his towering foe.

In this exclusive interview Lamon Brewster conducted with the Doghouse, Brew speaks on the fight and outcome, his future, and refutes any rumors that other sites have made regarding re-injuring his left eye, enjoy.

Benny Henderson Jr.: Just give the readers your thoughts on the fight itself, and the decision Buddy made to stop it.

Lamon Brewster:
I was ok with it, I am older now, I want to be smart, I just can’t be thinking about myself, but I have to think about my kids and family. I couldn’t see what Buddy was seeing. I never really swell up but for some reason in that fight I started swelling up, that made me a little leery. I was off for fifteen months and I started to get frustrated because I guess you can call it ring rust because I could not be as affective as I wanted too.

BH: You came out and put a little pressure on Wlad in the first round but after that your offense came in spurts, you seemed to be more in defense mode, you weren’t the aggressive Lamon Brewster we are used to seeing, more cautious than we have seen. Just give us your take on that.

It was because of the lay off, it was ring rust that was all.

BH: Before this fight I asked why not take a tune-up or two to shake off the ring rust, you told me that you were a fighter and you wanted to fight the champion. Looking back do you feel as you should have taken a tune up or two?

LB: Well the thing of it is I did not think that I needed a tune-up. The first time I fought him it was like thirteen months and I was ok, I was off and it did not bother me so I did not think it would bother me this time. Anytime you get the opportunity…you don’t get a chance to fight for a title everyday so when it comes you cannot pass it up.

BH: After you defeated Wladimir in the first meeting, there were accusations flying around that Wlad was drugged or something to that affect, now with Wlad winning this one, his brother Vitali just came out on their website, and his exact quote, “Wladimir proved that three years ago he lost to Brewster due to an outside influence.” Your thoughts on that.

Like I said, no matter what, Wladimir knows and I know he did not get poisoned. I am going to try very hard to get myself back in the rankings to fight him again so we can have our tie-breaker, because right now we are tied.

BH: So you would like a third fight with Klitschko?

This time next year I planning on being number one in the IBF and I guarantee I will knock Wladimir Klitschko out, I guarantee it. He just had a better night than me, hey man everybody has an off night.

BH: It was rumored by other websites that you injured your left eye again and hurt your jaw, give us the scoop on that.

I do not know where that came from I’m fine.

BH: I was told that you left Jessie Reid, whom you went 2-0 with 2 KOs, because you did not want to take as much punishment to get the win, you wanted to be able to talk to your children. With all due respect with Buddy McGirt you have lost back to back fights, took some punishment in both fights, detached your retina and now re-injured your eye. Are you still confident with McGirt?

Yes, it was not Buddy who had me fighting the way I did it was ring rust and if people cannot understand that then they are not true boxing fans. Buddy had nothing to do with the way I fought; I just have not fought in a while.

BH: Where do you go from here Lamon, what is next for yourself?

I plan on fighting in three months.

BH: Anything in closing?

I just want to thank everybody who supported me, all I can say is do not give up on me because I am going to get me some tune up fights and I am going to fight Wladimir again and I guarantee a knockout.

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