Israel Vazquez; "I'm coming for my title and I am leaving with it!"
INTERVIEW By Benny Henderson Jr (July 31, 2007) Doghouse Boxing (Photo © German Villasenor)
This Saturday night from the Dodge Arena in Hidalgo, TX, live on Showtime’s championship boxing 9:00 PM ET/PT, former two time super bantamweight champion Israel Vazquez 41-4 (30) looks to strike gold once again as he looks for revenge when he takes on the WBC super bantamweight title holder Rafael Marquez 37-3 (33) in an anticipated 122-pound championship rematch.

‘Magnifico’ was on a nine fight winning stretch that earned him the IBF & WBC super bantamweight titles until last
March when he waged war against challenger Rafael Marquez. The two Mexican warriors went toe to toe for six grueling rounds, which had the fans on their feet as they boxed, banged and bruised up one another.

Although Vazquez dropped Marquez in the third round, after battling throughout most of the fight with a broken nose Vazquez had to throw in the towel in the seventh, giving Marquez the win as well as his WBC strap. Now Vazquez vows revenge as well as another entertaining brawl this time only different results.

Will this go around be another solid scrap, will Marquez reign supreme or can Vazquez get revenge? Tune in this Saturday to find out, for now read on to see what Vazquez had to say about his upcoming bout, enjoy.

Benny Henderson Jr.: You are just days away from your anticipated rematch with Rafael Marquez, the first match-up was j a back and forth brawl, give the readers your thoughts on this second go around, do you feel it will be just as entertaining?

Israel Vazquez:
I think it will be the same but different results. It will be a very entertaining fight. Before I turned a professional, I remember wishing I could be involved in big and exciting fights. I wanted the fans to remember me for putting on exciting fights and being a good fighter. Now, I find myself living my dream. I promise it will be an exciting fight.

BH: Are you going to approach this fight any differently stylistically, or go right back to war against Marquez?

Well, I don’t want to give my game plan up. But my trainer and I have came up with a strategy that we feel will help us come out victorious.

BH: We know that you are a ring warrior, man you have gotten up off canvas to win a fight, waged endless wars and so on, so how disheartening was it for you to call it quits in the first match-up due to the injury?

It was very disappointing. I couldn’t breathe from the end of the first round and through the whole fight. I continued as long as I could and tried my best. I felt I was coming on in the last two rounds but that is behind me. I feel good now and will come back stronger.

BH: What round did you break your nose in, and explain what you were thinking as the injury occurred and you tried to continue on?

In the first round. I just remember throwing punches and how hard it was to recuperate. I have fought through pain before but it’s different when you can’t breathe. As the rounds progress, I found myself thinking more about my breathing than the fight. I was getting hit with shots that I shouldn’t have been, due to it. It was a learning experience.

BH: How important is this rematch to you and your career, and pride as well?

This fight is very important. Any loss sets your career back. But this is about pride. I am confident I will win. The best motivation happens when someone takes something that is yours. Marquez took something that I have worked so hard to earn. I’m taking it back on August 4th.

BH: If you could send out a message to Marquez before this rematch, what would it be?

I’m coming for my title and leaving with it.

BH: Once again I would like to thank you Israel for taking the time out to give your thoughts to the fans, and a special thanks goes out to your manager Frank Espinoza for always giving Doghouse the goods on his crew. In closing is there anything anyone of you would like to say or add to this interview?

I would like to thank Doghouse for giving me this interview. I also want to thank my fans for always being supportive and make sure you tune in on August 4th on Showtime. This will one will be better than the first fight.

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