Israel Vazquez; “I will knock out Marquez again!”
INTERVIEW By Benny Henderson Jr (Aug 8, 2007) Doghouse Boxing (Photo © Tom Casino/SHOWTIME)
This past Saturday night the ringside fans at the Dodge Arena in Hidalgo, TX as well as the Showtime viewers got a heaped helping of a seriously heated throw down as two of the top entertaining Mexican warriors waged war in the highly anticipated rematch between Israel Vazquez 42-4 (31) and his nemesis Raphael Marquez 37-4 (33) for the WBC super bantamweight title.

The two began right where they left off this past March going right at one another viciously putting on a hellacious show
for the fight world. The two traded bombs and in round six a blooded and battered Vazquez landed a stunning left hand that had Marquez down on the canvas. Marquez reached his feet and the two went back to war with Vazquez throwing a barrage of blows that prompted referee Guadalupe Garcia to call a halt to the bout at 1:16 in the sixth round giving back Vazquez his world title hardware prompting a definite rubber match in the near future.

Some media have declared it an early stoppage as well as some have claimed it to be a correct call, either way, it was a magnificent match-up that lived up to the hype and the third go around should be a humdinger as well.

Now the three time world champ Israel Vazquez as well as his manager Frank Espinoza want to clear the air on the declaration of an early stoppage and hands out their thoughts on the upcoming third go around, enjoy.

Benny Henderson Jr.: First off Israel, I would like to congratulate you on one hellacious of a fight and win. Now a two part question, give your thoughts on the rematch, and how does it feel to once again have your world title back around your waist?

Israel Vazquez:
Thank you very much! It was a tough but action pack fight. I promised the fans it was going to be a good fight and I hoped they enjoyed it. It feels so good to have my title back. It feels all my hard work paid off.

BH: How would you rate this win over others in your career?

This was a huge win. I would rate it up top next to the Larios victory. Probably higher.

BH: A lot of the press has come out and declared that the bout was stopped prematurely, give the readers your thoughts on the stoppage, and does the negativity on the stoppage by some put a damper on the win?

I thought it was a good stoppage by the referee. Marquez is a warrior but he was definitely hurt. I knew there was enough time on the clock and I was not going to let Marquez survive it. The only thing the referee stopped was Marquez getting seriously hurt. He did a good job. Yes, it does put a damper on my win. I worked hard for that win.

BH: Your thoughts on the rubber match, do you feel it will continue with the fireworks the first two fights have produced?

I’m a man of my word and will give Marquez a rematch. And with that being said, I promise it will be another great fight. I will knock out Marquez again.

BH: At the post fight conference, the WBA super bantamweight titleholder Celestino Caballero publicly stated that he wanted the winner out of the rubber match between you and Marquez, your thoughts on that matter?

Caballero is a good fighter but I would beat him. I didn’t think he looked that good in his last fight with Lacierva. I have no problem fighting him or anyone else for that matter.

BH: Is there anything in closing that you would like to add to this interview?

I want to thank my family and to all my fans! I appreciate the support and for believing in me. I hope you enjoyed the fight and look out for 2008. I would also like to thank Doghouse Boxing for this interview and being supportive of me.

BH: Now to you Frank, man as I told you before I scared my kids with all the hoping and hollering I was doing when Vazquez was declared the winner, unprofessional yes, but I was at home so it was ok this time. You must have felt the same to see your fighter gain back his strap?

Frank Espinoza:
I had the same reaction, I probably scared the ring card girls who were near by (laughing) I’m so proud of Israel. He has overcome a lot in the sport of boxing to get to this point. He worked so hard for this fight and was determined to get his title back. I couldn’t be anymore happier for Israel. Thank goodness for warriors like him in the sport of boxing.

BH: What are your thoughts on the some of the public saying the fight was stopped prematurely, and Gary Shaw saying that his fighter was done wrong, I mean referee Garcia has been taking to the cleaners with the negative spewing.

After reviewing the fight, I thought it was a good stoppage. In the last five seconds of the fight, Rafael Marquez’s eyes tell it all. Letting the fight go any longer could of seriously hurt Marquez. Besides, who wouldn’t want to see a rubber match?

BH: When do you feel a Vazquez vs. Marquez III will take place?

After a very long and much needed vacation, I expect it to take place in the middle of 08.

BH: Is there anything you would like to add to this interview?

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