Sergei Liakhovich: "I am here, I am ready, and I want to fight you Klitschko!"
Interview by Benny Henderson Jr - A.K.A "Big Dog" (Aug 23, 2006)
Little was known on the ‘White Wolf’ until he came into the lime light defeating one-time hot rising heavyweight Dominick Guinn on ESPN 2 in December of 2004, but after his unrelenting throw-down with Lamon Brewster, Sergei Liakhovich 23-1 (14) has been acknowledged as a big strong durable heavyweight that proved his heart in participating in one of the most exciting heavyweight wars earlier this year. Liakhovich waged a vicious twelve round war against the hard-hitting Brewster to earn the WBO heavyweight strap by unanimous decision.

Out of the four European heavyweight titleholders at this point in time, the World Boxing Organization’s champ wants to unify the titles and get down to the business on finding out who will take that number one spot as ‘THE’ heavyweight champion of the world. The Belarus born boxer is usually a quiet, soft-spoken individual with little to say during passing conversation, but at times when he’s provoked or feels fervent about a matter he lets loose and doesn’t mind speaking his mind. In this interview the WBO heavyweight champion gets candid with his thoughts on the heavyweight division and in particularly one IBF champ Wladimir Klitschko.

Now residing in Arizona the thirty-year-old professional pugilist wants to unify the titles and his sites are set on Klitschko. In this candid interview Sergei lets the fists fly on his thoughts on the division and has a personal message to Klitschko, enjoy.

Benny Henderson Jr.: First off I want to touch on what has been going on the past few months. It has been
four months since you beat Lamon Brewster and no action, rumors about a McBride fight but that’s about it, so what’s going down?

Sergei Liakhovich:
First off everybody was talking about McBride, it was people just talking because I never had agreed to a fight with McBride so it was just talk. I train pretty hard right now, I am in pretty good shape, I know and probably everybody knows that I challenged Klitschko, I want to fight him. If he is a real champion then he needs to step up, he needs to show everybody what kind of fighter he is. I am not saying that he fought bad guys; he fought pretty good guys but they are not the quality of boxer that I am.

BH: Lets go back to the Brewster fight, what are your thoughts on that war, and what about a rematch? It was so dang good the first time what about the second go around?

Actually if this would happen it would be an easy fight for me, I will give him a rematch like I said before but he needs to recover, he had the major surgery, so when he recovers and he decides to fight I will give him a rematch.

BH: Do you feel you are being over looked by the boxing world?

This is what I think, nobody wants to fight me, and that is a problem. This isn’t about a WBO belt, everybody saw what I did to Lamon Brewster and right now nobody wants to fight me. I am not saying that everybody is scared, I am not talking everybody, I am particularly talking about this guy Klitschko, right now this is just personal because this guy has a big mouth, he talked about me being scared to fight him saying that I pulled out with excuses. But this is true, I said this before I have police report that my passport was stolen and I didn’t have documents to fly to Germany, and they didn’t give me time to prepare all of that and I told them before you come to United Sates, I will fight you. And now I have my passport and everything is fine with my document and I will fight him anywhere!

BH: If you could personally send a message to Wladimir Klitschko what would you say?

You know what man, you have nerve to tell everybody that I am sacred to fight you. Show me, I am ready, just come in the ring and show me how I am scared to fight you. I am ready but I don’t know about you.

BH: I would like to know your thoughts on the division at this point and time.

It’s not bad, pretty good fighters but not great fighters. The heavyweight division, I think…I don’t know how to say; sorry about my English…it isn’t great but it is good. It’s what I am trying to do, somebody needs to step up and show everybody who the real heavyweight champion of the world is.

BH: I would like to know your thoughts on all the belt holders being European?

I have said this many times, these guys deserve the titles, they work hard and they are smart, they work smart and hard.

BH: How has it been working with Kenny Weldon?

Actually it has been great, Kenny Weldon is one of the great teachers who knows boxing and he has great eyes in boxing, he is a great coach.

BH: What do you feel is your greatest quality as a fighter?

I am complete, my movement…it is just everything.

BH: Is there anything you want to add to this interview, anything in particular you want to say to the division or to Wladimir Klitschko?

I want to say something to this guy Klitschko, like I told before, if he has the nerve to talk about me being scared to fight him, he talked about me, and right now he is looking for excuses and saying he doesn’t want to make deal with Don King with King being my promoter. This is just bullshit, he don’t want to make deal with me, particularly with me in the ring, this is a problem. If he wants to prove it just step up, I am here I am ready and I want to fight you!

I would like to thank Ivaylo Gotzev for setting up this interview, and a special thanks goes out to Sergei for his time and thoughts.

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