Vernon Forrest: “I have proven that I can still fight!”
INTERVIEW By Benny Henderson Jr (Sept 5, 2007) Doghouse Boxing
Three world titles, currently holding the WBC junior middleweight strap and rated Ring Magazine’s #4 154-pound fighter, Vernon Forrest 39-2 (28) is no slouch, and he is looking to continue the success. The thirty-six year old fifteen year fight veteran has earned two colossal back to back wins over ‘Sugar’ Shane Mosley which earned the Georgian numerous awards that include Ring Magazine’s 2002 Fighter of the Year, ESPN FNF Fighter of the Year, USA Today’s Fighter of the Year and the BWAA 2002’s Fighter of the Year.

And since his return from his two year hiatus from the ring Vernon has banged out four consecutive wins that include a win over Ike Quartey and most recently Carlos Baldomir, which earned Forrest the strap he totes around today, ‘The Viper’ is looking to strike again and he his some big names in his sites. Although Vernon has been on the top, hit the bottom and come back on the peak, he is eager for more triumphs and all though he has been in the business of boxing as a professional for fifteen years that includes more than two hundred rounds of fighting, he feels his recent win has proven that he can still fight, and that is what he wants to continue to do.

Read on to see what Vernon had to say on his recent win over Baldomir and what his future holds, enjoy.

Benny Henderson Jr.: What been going on with yah Vernon?

Vernon Forrest:
I was basically in camp for five months for my last fight, I am back in the gym now but pretty much took the month of August off.

BH: Give the readers your thoughts on your victory over Carlos Baldomir.

Number one I won a world championship, that was the most important thing to me, I wanted another championship
and I accomplished that. The second thing I wanted to prove that I could still perform, I thought I did that. I thought I put on the kind of performance that people would enjoy and respect, I wanted to show people that you can fight with heart and skill as well as courage and make it an entertaining and exciting fight.

BH: What is next for yourself, is there anything on your plate at this time, and what fights do you want?

Right now I will be fighting hopefully around November, I have proven that I can still fight, so I am like anybody else, I want big name fighters, bigger names bring bigger purses. I am not just a boxer, I am a prizefighter. I want a fight that makes sense, there are a few fights out there for me, we will see what happens. Right now we are negotiating with some guys and hopefully we can get something.

BH: What endeavors do you have out of boxing at this time?

I kind of got away from a lot of things that I was doing before, because I wanted to focus on my career. For me once I was always business minded and wanted to do more besides boxing, but now I am pretty much just focusing on boxing.

BH: What do you feel has been some of your greatest moments in the ring?

Every time I win a championship, (laughs) every time I win a championship has been a great moment for me. I have won six championships; four of them have been world titles. Each time I win it is personal gratification for me and an accomplishment, I am always looking to add more to my collection. So for me winning a title is another great achievement for myself.

BH: Is there any message that you would like to send out to the fight world, to the fans or the division.

Well, look for some more great fights from Vernon Forrest in the future.

I would like to thank Dominick Guinn for helping set up this interview, and a thanks goes out to Vernon Forrest for his time and thoughts.

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