Robert Guerrero; “The Honorio fight is going to be a showdown!”
INTERVIEW By Benny Henderson Jr (Sept 7, 2007) Doghouse Boxing
Coming up September 15th from the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, NV, live on HBO Pay Per View, Robert ‘The Ghost’ Guerrero 20-1-1 (13) is set to defend his IBF featherweight strap when he squares off against upset artist Martin Honorio 24-3-1 (12) in a scheduled twelve round 126-pound championship match-up.

The two-time IBF featherweight title holder is coming off the biggest win of his career this past February when he traveled to Denmark to face the hometown hero Spend Abazi, a fight that Guerrero won with a ninth round TKO, putting
an end to Abazi’s twenty-five win streak. Guerrero was slated to face the hard hitting Texan Rocky Juarez, who then opted to take on Juan Manuel Marquez pitting Guerrero against tough Mexican fighter Martin Honorio.

Despite the disappointing change up, ‘The Ghost’ is ready for war and believes his throw down against Honorio is going to be a showdown. Read on to see what Robert had to say on his upcoming bout, enjoy.

Benny Henderson Jr.: You were scheduled to fight Rocky Juarez until he opted to take on Marquez, so now you are going to go head to head with Martin Honorio, give the readers your thoughts on the change up as well as your upcoming bout.

Robert Guerrero:
I was scheduled to fight Juarez before he got the fight with Marquez, I was excited to be fighting Rocky, but it got changed so now the focus is on Martin Honorio. Once the fight got changed I got about it and started focusing on Honorio. I think the Honorio fight is going to be a good fight, he is a tough durable guy, and if you do not come prepared he will provide the upset.

BH: If I am correct, Honorio will be the first guy you have faced that is actually taller than yourself, your thoughts on being the smaller guy?

He is a tall featherweight also. He is about an inch taller, but I have always sparred with bigger and taller guys and it has helped me out a lot. I have a lot of experience with bigger guys, it is going to be interesting with him and his style and the way he brings it.

BH: I have not seen much on Honorio, I have read that he is a tough cat and have heard that he has a few dirty tactics in his arsenal as far as throwing elbows head butts etc. What is your take on your take on your opponent and what about his tactics?

Yeah he has dirty tactics and uses his head and elbows, he is basically rough and tough in there. The referee will do his job and Nevada always does a good job so I am comfortable going into the ring. I really feel they will do their job in there. I am expecting a rough and tough dirty fight, he is coming in and fighting for a world title so I know he is going to come in there to do what he has to do to win, I know he is going to being his A-game.

BH: You worried about head butts and cuts etc.?

No I am not worried about that, when you let little thing like that worry you, you end up getting into trouble because you are overly cautious in the ring. If there is a head butt you have to fight through it, right now the focus is on what we have to do.

BH: Your thoughts on Honorio coming out of the same camp as Gamaiel Diaz.

First thing that comes to mind is that they are tough guys, they are not pushovers, they may not be well known but they come to fight and they are right there.

BH: How has it been working with Shane Mosely?

It is amazing how quick and slick he is in the ring, how fast he is in the ring, you have to be sharp or he is going to make you pay. He is really sharpening me up. As everybody knows he is a master at imitating other fighters and he watched tape on Martin and imitated some of the things that he does so it has helped out a lot. Shane has really brought a lot to my game with me being in there with the pound for pound champ in multiple weight classes.

BH: What are your thoughts on the Mosely vs. Cotto match-up?

I think it is going to be a good fight, Cotto is tough and he keeps coming. Styles make fights, Shane is a slick fast hard puncher, what I have experienced with Shane these past couple of weeks he is an amazing fighter, I think it is going to be an interesting fight. I feel Shane is going to come out with the victory.

BH: If you could send out any message to your opponent before the fight, what would it be?

Bring you’re A-game, come at your best because this is what it is about making great fights and putting on great shows. I am going to be ready and I know he is going to be ready and come the fifteenth it is going to be a showdown.

BH: Is there anything you would like to add to this interview?

Yeah, for all the fans you can interact with me during my training at

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