Derrick Brown: The ‘D-Train’ keeps rolling!
INTERVIEW By Benny Henderson Jr - A.K.A "Big Dog" (Oct 6, 2006) Photo © Patt Orr
Tonight, October 6th at the Couer d’Alene Casino in Worley, ID, Derrick Brown, 13-2-1 (11), rolls into town to square off against the former cruiserweight contender Gary ‘Pit Bull’ Gomez ,17-7 (6), in a scheduled ten round heavyweight clash, and the ‘D-Train’ is ready for whatever may be thrown his way.

The former three-time New York Golden Gloves Champion made his debut in the fall of ’99 opening up his career with a first round knock out over fellow New Yorker Donald Dawson. The 6’1” heavy-handed fighter was progressing in his career and continuing to improve his abilities, banging in hard fought battles with Isaac Mahlangu and Joseph Chingangu both in South Africa before facing adversity causing the youngster to leave the sport on a three year hiatus.

After managerial difficulties took its toll on the young heavyweight Brown finally got a break in meeting up with the former female boxing champ Christy Martin who took over the reigns in his career six months ago proving to be a positive change thus far. “He has a lot of character in and outside of the ring, he seemed as he was really hungry and completely
determined,” explains Christy Martin. “He works extremely hard in the gym and in the ring he has so much hand and foot speed, the kid has great skills and he can definitely fight.”

Making his return in December of ’05, Brown walloped twenty-three fight veteran Ricardo Kennedy in the opening round and in his last outing Derrick defeated Nashville native Frank Woods, dropping and stopping Woods in the fifth round. And now the twenty-nine year old power-puncher is ready for war this Friday night and has plans on keeping chugging along with W’s. Read onto see what the heavyweight prospect had to say on his upcoming fight and his future, enjoy

Benny Henderson Jr.: First off do you know anything about your upcoming opponent Gary Gomez?

Derrick Brown:
It is another match for me, as a fighter we have to make adjustments outside and inside the ring, so whatever he brings to the party we will be ready for it and deal with it.

BH: What inspired you to get into the ‘sweet science’?

It started off crazy (laughs) this is a crazy quick story. I was in school and I wasn’t in the in crowd or whatever you want to say, and one time a kid had called me a name while I was walking down the hall and I couldn’t let it go. It kept irritating me so I turned around and pushed him and he went to swing and I swung and mine connected, so instead of getting suspended the assistant principle sent me to the boxing gym since our security guard at our school was a professional boxer. Well the whole time I was running and training and I lost a lot of weight, the guy worked with me and he was amazed because I kept coming back and he was putting it on me, but I always had a good rhythm, so I stuck with and it has been a blessing to be honest with you.

BH: Your best qualities as a fighter, how would you describe your style?

I would say accommodating, (laughs) there’s time when something will bring the dog out of me, I am I guess what you call a passive aggressive guy, or the aggressive passive guy. (Laughs) I am an easygoing guy but when it comes to getting that work done it is over, that’s a rap.

BH: Your heroes in the sport or fighters you may emulate in the sport today?

I always liked Joe Louis, he was something else, and I guess I would say I would I have fast hands like Sugar Ray or Roy Jones Jr. but I damn sure can crack as well.

BH: How long have you been with Christy Martin and how has it been working with her?

Ah man it is beautiful, it is like a parent child relationship, and rarely in life do we have a job where our boss likes us. (Laughs) Nothing but harmonizing and music, we are family.

BH: Why did you have a three-year lay off between 2002-2005?

Everyday has setbacks, and sometimes things that happen in and outside of the ring you end up with the wrong crowd and end up doing stupid things and paying for them, so you pay your debt you do what you do and come out a clean man. I went in dirty and came out clean; I definitely see things differently now.

BH: Hobbies outside of the ring?

I am a basketball fanatic, I like to run and that is about it, I chill out with the family and have cookouts.

BH: What has been your toughest fight this far and your biggest win.

I would say Frank Wood. I was the underdog and he was trying to run over me, but in my heart it isn’t Kool-Aid so I said let’s fight, the guy sits there with Roy Jones Jr.’s people in his corner since he was in camp with them I was like damn we are about fight. That was also my biggest win as well, Frank Wood said before that fight that if he couldn’t beat me then he would have to retire, well then damn it I guess he is going to have to retire. (Laughs)

BH: What separates you from the other heavyweight prospects?

I wouldn’t say not only class, but also I don’t have a heavyweight style and I never will, a lot of guys will set there and take them big shots, well I won’t.

BH: If you could say anything to the readers to catch their attention and give them interest in seeing you fight what would you say?

Here you have a guy who had a lot of adversity, and I decided to bring that fuel and put it in my fire in the ring, as times goes on only bigger and better things are to come so don’t blink.

BH: Anything in closing?

It’s all in the mind, if it can be conceived as a thought, then it can be carried out as a plan. I have nothing on my mind but becoming championship status and I am willing to work hard and to dig deep to get that.

I would like to thank Christy Martin for setting up this interview and a thanks goes out to Derrick for his time and thoughts.

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