KeAndre Leatherwood Interview: “Be on the Lookout, here I come!”

KeAndre Leatherwood Interview: “Be on the Lookout, here I come!”
By "Big Dog" Benny Henderson Jr., Doghouse Boxing (Sept 11, 2012) Doghouse Boxing

KeAndre Leatherwood
The once beaten light middleweight prospect, KeAndre “Lightning” Leatherwood 10-1-1 (7) wants the fight world to be on the lookout, because he is ready to take the division by storm. The twenty-three year old Alabama native, who fights under the Boxing 360 banner, is coming off a third round knock out victory over battle tested Mikel Williams, and now he has his sights set on more domination in his division. In this exclusive interview with Doghouse Boxing, Leatherwood speaks out on his career and more. Enjoy!

Benny Henderson Jr.: What inspired you to want to box?

KeAndre Leatherwood:
I have always been a fighter, my step father who used to box actually took me to the gym. I was fighting a lot, getting trouble in school. I stepped foot in the gym at eleven years old, and I have loved it, I love boxing. I have always been a fighter, there is no quit in me.

BH: For the ones who have not seen you fight, how would you describe your style?

I am a boxer, puncher, I have great boxing skills, I have fast hands, I know I can talk about it, but before long I will show everybody.

BH: What separates you from the others in your division?

I feel like I have what it takes to outshine everybody, I am very confident in myself. I have a good jab, a good right hand, fast hands. When I let my hands go, people cannot keep up with me.

BH: When are you expected back in the ring?

I know my promoter is working hard for me to get back in the ring.

BH: How did you come about getting signed with Boxing 360?

My ex step father/trainer, we were actually truing to fight one of Mario’s guys, and Mario said he saw something in me that he liked, we spoke and got the deal done. I like what Boxing 360 is all about, I feel; like it was the right move, I feel like I will be a world champion with these guys within a year or two.

BH: Your only blemish came from the hands of John Jackson, what did you take away from that loss that may help you in the future to be victorious?

One thing, I learned, is that you have to have a team behind you. I did not have all the right people behind me, now I feel like I have a strong team. And to stay in the gym and work at your craft.

BH: Why should a fan pay to watch you fight?

You know Benny, I am a very exiting fighter, I am a crowd pleaser, I like to engage, I am exciting to watch. There are a lot of boring fights out there, I like to jump in there and mix it up, make it exciting.

BH: Anything in closing?

I feel like everybody needs to be on the look out, I am about to take the division by storm.

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