Derrick Krantz Interview: "Tell Marcus Hicks, that I am coming to take his head off!"

Derrick Krantz Interview: "Tell Marcus Hicks, that I am coming to take his head off!"
By "Big Dog" Benny Henderson Jr., Doghouse Boxing (Nov 15, 2012) Doghouse Boxing

Derrick “D-Rock” Krantz 13-6, faces off against Marcus Hicks
Coming up this Saturday night in Plano, TX, warriors will collide at EFC 3 “Domination” as the main event features two tough Texans, as Derrick “D-Rock” Krantz 13-6, faces off against Marcus Hicks 11-3, for the 155-pound title. Krantz, who represents Team 515, a native of Marshall, Texas, who has held a pro title at 170, will be shooting for his second shot at a 155 belt. The well rounded fighter has electrified the crowds with his ground and pound and stand up arsenal, and come fight night, he plans on being the victor, once again, in entertaining fashion. In this exclusive interview, D-Rock speaks out on his upcoming fight, and more, enjoy.

Benny Henderson Jr.: You have the fight coming up this weekend against Marcus Hicks, who seems to be a real well rounded tough individual. What are your thoughts on your upcoming opponent.

Derrick Krantz:
He is a tough guy, he will get the credit he deserves, he is a good tough guy. I am excited to get in there and beat the crap out of him. That is the only way to put it.

BH: Sizing the both of you up, what type of fight are you expecting out of Marcus?

Well, I see him trying to slug it out with me, I see him trying to get up close and hit me hard, possibly trying to take me down. I have a pretty good reach advantage on him so it would not be smart to stand on the outside, because he will get punched in the face a lot. I think he is going to come in aggressive and try to land some quick short punches and get a take down and try to finish me with a submission or something of that nature.

BH: I have seen you fight a few times first hand, but my opinion of you as a fighter is not that important, I want to know your thoughts on yourself as a fighter. What do you feel are your greatest attributes?

Well, I have a good solid ground, I have good submissions, I hit really hard. So pretty much, I can end the fight either way, and that is probably my best attributes, is being able to stop fights anywhere in the cage.

BH: I am pretty sure you have seen the documentary on Showtime that features your fight against Dustin Poirier in 2010. With it now on national television, has that garnered you anymore fans?

Actually, honestly, it might have, I am now just hearing about it, now that it is on Showtime people are talking to me about it. I have not went and watched it, but people are hitting me up on FaceBook telling me they seen me on Showtime, I was like, what is that about. They explained it to me and I am like, to bad they did not get one of my better fights on that damn film. (We Both Laugh)

BH: In your opinion, out of your nineteen fights, which one has been the toughest to date?

Well, all the fights are tough, but I did a three round decision against Sean Spencer, I was having an off night and got punched in the face a bunch. That was probably pretty tough, I could not get the take down, he was very agile. It was hard to hit him, that was probably my toughest fight, I was disappointed in myself.

BH: All though you and your opponent are both from Texas, you guys are fighting a lot closer to his hometown, so with that being said, you are afraid that if it goes to the score cards, you may not get a fair shake?

I believe they may be a bit more biased towards him, since he is from the Dallas/Fort Worth area. But, in my opinion if it does go to the decision, it is not going to be close, it is going to be known that I kicked his ass for all five rounds.

BH: What does this 155-pound title mean to you?

It is an accomplishment, it is a goal that I am trying to reach, in my MMA pro career I already have one pro title belt at 170, but I feel my strongest is at 155, so taking this belt proves to everybody else at 155 that I am number one in this area period.

BH: Since the last time we have spoken, you have become a father, how has that changed your mentality as a fighter?

Thank you, it has changed a lot, I am not now only fighting for pride and the titles, but I am also fighting to secure my stability for my son, I want him to have the best. I want him to grow up knowing that his Dad, was the best fighter in the world who had beaten the best fighters in the world.

BH: If you could send a message out to Marcus Hicks before this fight, what would you say to your upcoming opponent?

Get ready, because I am coming to take your head off!

BH: Anything in closing?

I would like to thank everybody who have supported me for this fight, my training partners, all of my coaches, my management company. 

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