Will Rosinsky Interview: "This will be the toughest fight of Otis Griffin's career!"

Will Rosinsky Interview: "This will be the toughest fight of Otis Griffin's career!"
By "Big Dog" Benny Henderson Jr., Doghouse Boxing (Dec 18, 2012) Doghouse Boxing

Will Rosinsky
Coming up tomorrow night (Wednesday) at the Roseland Ballroom in New York, NY, rising star Will Rosinsky 16-2 (9), will take on former reality contestant, the battle tested Otis Griffin 24-10-2 (10), in a scheduled ten round super middleweight bout. Rosinsky, a twenty-seven year old New York City fire fighter and EMT, is coming off a tough loss against former title holder, Kelly Pavlik. But all though it was an L on his record, Will believes he learned from that experience, which will help him in the future. In this exclusive interview, Rosinsky speaks out about his upcoming bout, his future, and more, enjoy.

Benny Henderson Jr.: You have the fight coming up tomorrow night against Otis Griffin, gives the readers your thoughts on that match-up.

Will Rosinsky: I think Otis is a tough guy with experience, he has been in there with some world class opponents and gave them some good fights. He is definitely coming to win, he is not just an opponent who is coming in for the money. He is coming to win and better his career. I am looking forward to a good fight.

BH: Talk about the styles, how do you see the fight going stylistically?

From what I have seen, it looks like he tries to out box his opponent, he stays on the outside and tries to control the pace. All I have to do is keep that temp really high, take him out of his comfort zone, and the fight should be easier that way.

BH: Your last outing was a tough loss to Kelly Pavlik, who all though won the fight unanimously, he had praise for you after the fight. All though it being a loss, what did you take away from that loss that may better yourself in the future?

A lot of different things, to start, it was the media attention, the media coverage. that is something you can never learn, just the build up to the fight, from the local level to a national level. The terms of the actual fight, you are fighting a guy with a ton of experience. He knows how to win, he knows how to steal and win rounds. Looking back on the fight, and watching it, he was smarter in throwing his punches. That is something you learn fighting guys at that level, to throw punches not to not only knock out your opponent, but to win rounds.

BH: In your honest opinion,l what do you feel separates you from the others in your division?

Mostly my work ethic, I have seen some guys who have gotten to a certain level, they think it is going to come easy, but it doesn’t. I am learning to adapt.

BH Any message you would like to send out to Otis Griffin?

I can promise him that this is going to be the toughest fight that he has ever fought. I guarantee that if it goes to the final bell, or if the fight is stopped, he will walk out saying that it was his toughest fight. He has fought some great competition, but this will be his toughest fight. And I do not think he realizes it.

BH Anything in closing?

I want to thank the fans, I want to thank you guys, the media for keeping my name out there. I really appreciate the fans coming out to the fight, especially this time of year, I know it is hard, but to buy tickets and support me, thank you. Thank you to everyone who loves me and everyone who hates me.

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