Watchdog's PPV Boxing Criteria - Floyd Mayweather vs Shane Mosley
Watchdog Steve Hudgins (May 1, 2010) Doghouse Boxing  
The purpose:  I don't think any one fight can be made in boxing today, that alone, is worth the price of a PPV. Unless of course, they can conjure up Dempsey vs Marciano or Joe Louis, but until that day comes, I want some quantity to go along with quality!  I say, if they want us to shell out 30, 40 sometimes 50 bucks per PPV, they should give us some bang for our buck! The card should be solid from top to bottom! Or at least it should be so top heavy with excellent fights that they can get away with a showcase fight to kick off the festivities, but these 2 or 3 showcase fights and 1 decent to mega main event PPV's are for the birds! (My apologies to any
of the birds I may have offended with that statement.) 


I preview and rate every fight that is scheduled to be televised on a PPV Boxing Card, and try to determine whether that card is worth purchasing or not based on my point system below.

Please note that at the end of each preview, I will mention what weight class the bout is being fought at and where each fighter ranks within that weight class. This is done by using "The Ring" ratings. 


5 = Excellent Matchup
4 = Good Matchup
3 = Decent Matchup
2 = OK Matchup
1 = Bad Matchup 

If a fight is scheduled to be televised on the card, it gets at least 1 point. This helps to reward quantity. 


14 or higher = GET IT! 
13 = If you can find someone to split it with you or the price of the PPV is $24.99 or less, GET IT! 
12 = If you can find someone to split it with you or the price of the PPV is $19.99 or less CONSIDER getting it. 
11 = If you can find a place that is showing it, or get enough people over to split it with you, so that you are not paying more than 10 dollars for the card, CONSIDER getting it. 
10 or under = Save your money and sleep well at night knowing you didn't get ripped off! 


May 1st - PPV PRICE: $54.95 

FLOYD MAYWEATHER JR (40-0 25 KO's) vs SHANE MOSELY (46-5 39 KO's): Two big names face off on May 1st and that's where the appeal ends. Mosley is nearing 40 years old and coming off of a 1 ½ year layoff. Fitting that Mayweather fights him now. Mayweather will do what he can to win and be as boring as possible in the process. Other than name value this doesn't have much going for it. I'm really giving the benefit of the doubt to these guys by giving the fight a “decent” grade. Intriguing? Sure. Exciting? Not likely.  

*Floyd Mayweather is rated # 3 at Welterweight (141-147 lbs) - Shane Mosley is rated # 2 at Welterweight*  

SCORE = 3 

SAUL ALVAREZ (31-0-1 23 KO's) vs JOSE MIGUEL COTTO (31-1-1 23 KO's): In the so called “Co featured” bout, many will get their first look at promising 19 year old prospect Saul Alvarez. It is a minor step up in competition as he faces the aging and smaller Jose Miguel Cotto. Cotto will likely be busy and make the young fighter work to earn the victory, but if Alvarez is for real, he should win this without too much trouble. This would be a decent fight to open the card, but as the main undercard bout of the evening? Rather pathetic.  

*This fight is taking place at Jr. Weltertweight (148 -153 lbs) - Neither fighter is rated* 

SCORE = 2 

DANIEL PONCE DE LEON (38-2 32 KO's) vs CORNELIUS LOCK (19-4-1 12 KO's): This will be the first time most people have seen Ponce De Leon since he was massacred at the hands of Juan Manuel Lopez in 2008, however, Ponce has been fighting regularly since then. Lock likes to brawl and will probably get into it for a bit against Ponce, but he doesn't seem to pose much of a threat. Looks to be a one sided fight that should end in a KO.  

*Daniel Ponce De Leon is rated #9 at Featherweight (123-126 lbs) - Cornelius Lock is not rated* 

SCORE = 1 

HECTOR DAVID SALDIVIA (33-1 26 KO's) vs SAID OUALI (26-3 18 KO's): Who? Good question. Saldivia is a bit of mystery and fighting in the USA for the first time in his career. Word is he's a fairly polished boxer, but nothing special.  He's built an impressive record by fighting a lot of no name opponents. Ouali, a Roger Mayweather fighter, lost a tough fight on Showtime last year, but otherwise hasn't had much exposure himself. He's a pretty good offensive fighter and if he opens up on Saldivia, this could be a little bit of a scrap.  

*This fight is taking place at Welterweight (141-147 lbs) - Neither fighter is rated* 

SCORE = 2 


SUMMARY: You're basically pay $54.95 for the main event as this is one of the more blatant “who cares” undercards put together in recent memory. As far as the main event goes, ask yourself this question: When is the last time you enjoyed a Floyd Mayweather fight?  For me, I can't remember and there's no way in the world I'm going to lay 54.95 that the streak gets broken in this one.  

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