Help for Heroes Charity "White Collar" Boxing Event
By Iain Dolan at ringside, DoghouseBoxing (April 22, 2010) Doghouse Boxing  
I attended my first "White Collar" boxing event a couple of weeks ago with, I have to admit, low expectations as far as the night's entertainment was concerned and was very happy to be proved wrong. Despite this sort of thing being frowned upon by the BBB of C, the evening was a fund raiser for the very worthy Help for Heroes charity and all health and safety requirements apeared to be well covered. There was a very military flavour to the event which meant that the fighters had the use of a military band for their ring walks (although some chose their own music and one fighter had a truly awesome band
of Sikh drummers). It was the first fight for many of the boxers and the levels of commitment shown by all of them were truly impressive. What may ahve been lacking in quality in some cased was more than covered by heart and commitment as nobody wanted to let themselves down in front of their mates.

I was there primarily to observe Jeff "Pretty Boy" Cohen and it was fascinating to see what someone goes through emotionally before their first ever fight. Fortunately, his Trainer Stuey had been around the block a few times himself and kept Jeff's focus and continually reminded him that he'd done all the hard work in the gym already. Jeff boxed well, stuck to the plan to use the jab but also got through with several power shots and won with some to spare against his shorter opponent over three 90 second rounds. He was ably assisted in the corner by Stuey and some truly inspirational passing of the water bottle and holding of the gumshield by me. Adrenaline and euphoria were enough to carry Jeff back to the dressing room where he promply collapsed in a heap absolutely exhausted. It was a stark reminder, should anybody need one, that boxing is quite a lot harder than it looks! Should anybody want to go and attend one of these events/get involved or just throw a few pounds or dollars to a good cause then check out

The list of Winners for the evening, many "incognito" because of the lack of sanctioning:

1)Paul the Hitman for the 3rd space

2)Richard the Killer Cathcart

3)Peter the Lord Homan

4)Kash the Hunter

5)Anton the Warrior

6)Stuart the Strong

7) fully charged Paul D avis

8)Jeff Pretty Boy Cohen

9)Mads the Danish Viking

"Pretty Boy" Jeff is no Mayweather but gets through with a solid jab here.

Jeff takes a well earned breather as the humble scribe tries to look knowledgable in the corner.

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