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Doghouse Boxing Revisits with Dominick "The Southern Disaster" Guinn
By Aaron Imholte (April 21, 2004) 
Dominick "The Southern Disaster" Guinn
Once in a while in the sports world a person comes along and not only performs at a championship level, but has a championship passion and personality. There is no reason to believe that Dominick Guinn can’t be that person. He has shown us he has talent in the ring, (despite a setback loss to Monte Barrett last month which we talk about) but in listening to him speak you can also tell that this young fighter has the personality and the hunger to be a world champion as well.

When I spoke with Guinn he was not at a loss for words on any of the topics we touched on, he didn’t hold back (especially when it came to Joe Mesi) and had a self assurance in the face of defeat that you can only see in a winner.

DHB: Who do you remember watching as a child and saying to yourself, “I want to be a fighter” like them?

DG: Muhammad Ali and Sugar Ray Leonard. I liked the way they could bounce around the ring and land combinations. I also liked how Muhammad Ali would not just talk trash outside the ring, but back it up in the ring.

DHB: Do you consider the loss to Monte Barrett as an exposure of any flaws you need to correct or just a case of Barrett getting ‘lucky’?

DG: Before the fight I didn’t think the pressure would get to me, fighting at home in Arkansas, being on HBO, I didn’t think it would get to me. Then I got in the ring and I didn’t use all of what we had worked on in camp, I was flat and sluggish. I also think breaking camp a week early to do public workouts was a mistake and I wouldn’t do it again. If I had used and executed the techniques I worked on in camp I would have torn his head off.

DHB: At this point in your young career do you consider yourself a legit contender or still a prospect that needs fine tuning?

DG: (almost before I could finish) Oh I’m a contender, I believe everything happens for a reason so I lost that fight for a reason. I’m going to get to the top, it might take a little longer because of the loss, but I’ll get to the top. In my last fight I don’t believe I gave it all my effort.

DHB: Out of the current title holders which include John Ruiz, Chris Byrd and Lamon Brewster, who do you see yourself performing best against?

DG: Ruiz and Brewster because they’re big guys that will come right at me and I can move around them easier and use my hand along with foot speed to my advantage.  I like fighting big guys like that bring the fight right at me.

DHB: Has there been any effort by the Mesi camp to contact your people about a possible showdown?

DG: (again excited to answer that I barely get the question off) NO! Mesi’s people haven’t called me there scared of me because I’ll expose him. If they put Mesi in with me I’ll knock his damn head off!! Joe Mesi’s people are afraid of me there’s no doubt! They can call me anytime, but I don’t think they will.

DHB: What do you think about the challenge Mike Tyson made to Joe Mesi’s camp?

DG: They can’t let Mike in the ring with Mesi because they will have to send Mike back to jail for premeditated murder. Definitely, if they send Joe in there with Mike he’s going to end up back in jail for what he’d to do Joe, and you can print that!

DHB: Is there a specific fighter, possibly a former great like Evander Holyfield you would like to fight to put a well respected ‘W’ on your resume?

DG: No, it doesn’t matter. I’m going to fight whoever HBO sets me up to fight. I don’t like guys picking their fights with guys they know they can beat because they know their technique. I’ll fight anyone because I want to get to the top and some day I will be a world champion!

DHB: What would you say you possess that gives you an edge or that you do better than most fighters you have seen?

DG: I box, move real well and have many other boxing skills. I’ve proven it in the ring and I’m going to keep proving it.

DHB: So what’s next for you Dominick? When will we see you in the ring again?

DG: Next year, probably towards the middle of next year like in the summer. If I would’ve won the Barrett fight I’d be fighting sooner, but I’m going to work on some things for awhile in the gym before I get in the ring.

DHB: In closing, is there anything you’d like to say to our readers and your fans before you go?

DG: To all of the fans and readers of Doghouse Boxing, I promise I will be back and you will not see another night like that Barrett fight that I can guarantee.
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