50 Cent Brings Boxing Back To The Charter Oak
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50 Cent Brings Boxing Back To The Charter Oak
By Jason Petock, Doghouse Boxing (June 18, 2013)

50 Cent
(Curtis Jackson AKA 50 Cent)
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Hartford, Connecticut has had a long lasting and deep love affair with the discipline of boxing for many years now. The state has produced some great Champions over time, with Gugliermo Papaleo being its most notable, better known to most as Willie “Will O’ The Wisp” Pep (229-11-1/65 KOs). Pep was best known for his memorable wars with Sandy “Joey” Saddler (114-16-2/103 KOs) and for being the reigning World Featherweight Champion from 1942-1948, and again from 1949-1950. His accolades were vast and greatly deserved as Willie Pep could easily be recognized as the greatest Featherweight in the history of the sport hands down.

Other significant fighters to name a few that deserve notable mention all hail from Connecticut to include “Tremendous” Travis Simms (27-1/20 KOs) of Norwalk, Israel “Pito” Cardona (36-10/28 KOs) of Hartford, John “The Ice Man” Scully (38-11/21 KOs) and Marlon “Magic Man” Starling (45-6-1/27 KOs), both also from Hartford as well. Connecticut’s boxing history and its ledgers hold several more names among the ranks as the state and its capital strive to keep pugilism at the very core of its existence. Enter one man, Curtis Jackson, who is more commonly known in the world of entertainment and celebrity as rapper 50 Cent. He has bigger plans for Connecticut and boxing as we know it.

Jackson, who lays his hat now in Farmington, Connecticut, an affluent and relatively smaller suburb of Hartford, has recently stepped out of the typical hip-hop limelight into a newer and far different arena with his latest boxing venture. After a supposed rift with once associate Floyd “Money” Mayweather, Jr. (44-0/26 KOs), the rhymer originally from New York decided it was time to cut his teeth as a boxing promoter. Luckily for the South Jamaica, Queens native boxing welcomes all-comers and embraced him with open arms, although his initial entrance into the game was a little off-putting for some who chose to keep their arms crossed instead.

He initially attempted to become a promoter with Floyd Mayweather, Jr. while protected under the umbrella of TMT Promotions, but chose later to form his own company called SMS Promotions after his friendship with “Money” soured. Since its inception, SMS Promotions has slowly been making ripples in the massive ocean that is boxing, hoping to bring with it an entertaining tidal wave to Hartford, Connecticut on July 5th at the Connecticut Convention Center with a literally stacked card and evening of professional boxing that is sure to please even the most discerning of fans. With his latest endeavor, 50 Cent will try that much more to convince a fickle and untrusting boxing public that he is the real deal on the circuit and plans to elevate the sport of boxing and the Connecticut scene in general with bigger shows and hungrier talent.

The card itself could be considered a who’s who of East Coast regulars mixed in with some of the newer breed as well. As of late there are nine bouts scheduled for that evening so far, something that is always subject to change whenever looking at a boxing event of any kind. The line-up for the prospects is Light Welterweights Donte Strayhorn (1-1/0 KOs) of Nevada and hometown kid Oscar Diaz (0-1/0 KOs) in a 4 rounder. Next will be the pro debuts of David Wilson and Rodrigo Almeida, both Light Middleweights, also 4 rounds. The following three 4 rounders will be as listed; New Haven’s own Super Bantamweight Nate Green (3-0/1 KO) against Micah Branch (1-6/0 KOs) of Cincinnati, another Elm City fighter, Welterweight Jimmy Williams (3-0/2 KOs) vs. TBA, and Light Welterweights Luis Olivares (4-0/3 KOs) of Glendale, Arizona vs. Jonathan Perez (4-0/2 KOs) of Puerto Rico.

With the preliminaries covered, planned next for the card will be Hartford Welterweight Javier “El Chino” Flores (9-0/8 KOs) in a clash with Rogelio De La Torre (10-3/6 KOs) from Houston, Texas in a 6 round slugfest. After which Baton Rouge, Louisiana boxer Mark “Too Sharp” Davis (16-0/5 KOs) meets world traveler Robert “Super” Osiobe (14-5-4/6 KOs) in an 8 round Lightweight affair. Then it’s on to a Light Heavyweight showdown between Colombian fighter Eleider “Storm” Alvarez (12-0/8 KOs) against proven Oklahoma veteran Allan “Ghost Dog” Green (32-4/22 KOs) in what promises to be a definite heated exchange for 10 rounds. And last, but by no means least, the evening will be capped off with seasoned ring veteran and East Coast familiar and Hartford native Mike “The Machine” Oliver (25-3/8 KOs) going toe-to-toe with Australian mainstay Billy “The Kid” Dib (35-2/21 KOs) in the most experienced bout of the evening over the course of another 10 rounder.

All in all, Hartford will be in store for more fireworks than just the ones being popped off in the sky during the week of the 4th of July. Friday, July 5th promises to be entertaining and thrilling as boxing fans will owe it in large part to Curtis Jackson, aka 50 Cent, who proves with his latest efforts that he cares far more about boxing than we think as he looks to put Connecticut and Hartford back on the map - one punch at a time.

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