As History Repeats Itself
By Jason Petock (Dec 20, 2010) Doghouse Boxing (Photo © Tom Casino / SHOWTIME)
Do you ever wonder why it is that every time you tune into a Bernard Hopkins 51-5-2 (32) bout that you find yourself asking more questions after the fight than you did going into it? Do you find that you are led once again to that same posture of having your mouth agape, while scratching your head with that familiar look of confusion like a bus just hit you and no one bothered to write down the plate number? If so you're definitely not alone. After this Saturday's political rip-off of Hopkins, when he faced off against Jean Pascal 26-1-1 (16) in Canada the odds were stacked up so high that unfortunately this won't be the last time you feel that way.

Number don't lie however, as they have a way of keeping things honest. But we all know that in boxing things aren't always honest and lines become blurred, often at the expense of those more deserving and who have earned it. B-Hop landed the cleaner better placed shots, as Pascal fired bombs that were diffused by round 4. Hopkins kept putting money in the bank going to Pascal's body, digging precise left hooks to the body and working the middle. Bernard's work rate was higher as well, minus a few hard hooks that he ate early from Jean but he landed more punches during the majority of the rounds, thus making the decision seemingly clear cut. Yet history wouldn't allow the obvious choice this time either.

Class was in session on Saturday and B-Hop was the professor. He looked an easy twenty years younger than what he is. He had movement, timing and focus. Placing punches with accurate precision and intent, Hopkins took boxing back to the old school once again and gave one of his greatest performances to date in the squared circle. It could be possible that some would argue that the two pseudo knockdown's in rounds 1 and 3 were enough to help Pascal edge past Hopkins, or even result in the bout being a draw as it was ruled. We all know though that the only reason the fight was declared a draw was so that Pascal could retain his title and the strap. Hopkins even said that the fans saw the fight and know what happened. Sadly we've seen and heard this all too often in Hopkins' fights and he is not alone.

What is going to have to change in boxing to make this kind of garbage non-existent? Politics have a death grip on boxing. This is old news to us all, but what has been done about it? Why isn't anyone doing anything to change what has been going on for what seems like an eternity in boxing? Isn't there a voice out there or someone who is in control and does pull the strings that can pull the plug on piss poor decisions and robberies that only alienate fans that much further from their support of the sport?

Apparently not.


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