Floyd Mayweather Jr the Great?
By Jesse James Johnson (Nov 5, 2010) Doghouse Boxing
Sure Floyd "Money" Mayweather Jr. has all the talent, skills, and ability to be considered this generation’s king of the Markers of Queensberry’s fight game. He is always in tremendous shape and he outwits his opponents to the likes of old Willy Pep and Willie Pastrano. He was sired by a fighter, who‘s brother was a world champ, and who’s cousin got knocked out by Oscar De La Hoya! Nevertheless this man was genetically disposed to fighting whether he wanted to or not, considering his kin!

But Floyd you do lack one very key ingredient when claiming all time greatness; a pair of nuts to fight everyone! Not only are you not the greatest fighter to enter the ring, you’re not even the greatest fighter at any weight you have fought at! Honestly I feel America is a softer place than that of yester year. All these amenities and inventions have made us rich and soft with comfort (don’t get me wrong I love my guns and television). I truly feel basketball and boxing are the only two sports left that will allow accurate comparisons amongst their alum. I don’t want to moan about your domestic disputes and your racist comments, because this is not what this article is about. Money May you and your people are great at picking fights with vulnerable and old fighters! But that’s okay if you still want to keep your money and record up, right? The all time greats fought anyone at anytime! The money is great in which you fight for; you’d figure you’d fight the top ten in your class within two years at least, because you’re the greatest right?

In my opinion I feel like you would have struggled and probably would have lost to Aaron Pryor (light welter). Also Roberto Duran would have torn through your soul like a tornado through Oklahoma at any weight. Not only would Sugar Ray Leonard have whooped you silly, he would have dawned the faster hands and superior skills! Sugar Ray Robinson would have had to go before the jury again in his defense of his fistic skills! Don’t worry I haven’t forgotten the likes of Thomas “the hit man” Hearns. He would have beaten you like you stole his bicycle! Lest we forget about Carmen Basilio, this man would have fought you for a ham sandwich! Felix Tito Trinidad would have won easily, while Henry Armstrong would have given you a run for your money to boot!

Hey what is the deal with not fighting Pacquiao, Floyd? In my opinion I think you have a great chance of beating him. In fact I feel Margarito will push Manny to the limit in Dallas. But at least he’s fighting him, even though it’s at a catch weight. Roger Mayweather versus Freddie Roach in a: who’s the better trainer debate would be more interesting than babbling about his nephew’s questionable actions. Floyd I think you’re a great fighter and you have tremendous skills! It’s time to show the public what they want; a fight with a dangerous foe that actually has the skill and tenacity to match your gifts! I would love to see you fight the winner of Pacquiao and Margarito for your next fight (State of Nevada Pending). If you win that fight go after the middleweight champion and prove you deserve to be called the goat (greatest of all time), instead of just being a goat!

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