Matt Remillard: “I’m right where I need to be!” - Interview
Interview by John Novoselac, Doghouse Boxing (Sept 17, 2009)  
Undefeated featherweight prospect Matt ‘Sharpshooter’ Remillard, 18-0 (10), returns to the ring this Saturday night against fellow undefeated Rafael Lora, 11-0 (5), headlining a TKO Promotions card in South Windsor, Connecticut.

Matt is coming off a first round knockout victory over late sub Tyler Ziolkowski in Reno, Nevada back on July 10th. Edel Ruiz was slated to face Remillard, yet for the second consecutive time he failed to show up.

On the last minute change, Matt said, “Basically, it happens more than you think, I guess to me. He was at the airport and he wouldn’t board the plane, I don’t know what happened.”

Regarding the 90 seconds of work he made of the replacement, he said, “I mean, that’s kind of what you need to do to make a statement really. If it goes any longer, it just makes you look bad.”

When asked about his most recent camp, Matt said, “Training’s been going good man, six week training camp. Everything’s been going smooth. No problems in this camp at all. I’m right where I need to be.”

In his sparring preparation during camp Matt typically works with assistant trainer John ‘Iceman’ Scully, but this time he said, “I actually did a lot more rounds with Chip Perez. He’s making his pro debut on the card. He’s an amateur standout, he’s been to the nationals, he’s been ranked in the nation too; he’s good. He’s going to make a good appearance on the show.”

Fighting in front of a home town crowd can offer both pros as cons. You generally have more family, friends, and fan support, but sometimes the urge is there to overly impress, or other distractions may come to light. On his first home town fight, Matt said, “Yes, I’ve been the co-feature in Hartford but never the main event. It feels good, I got a lot more fans, family and friends coming you know since it’s South Windsor. I think you’re going to see a different kind of crowd than you would see at the casinos, you know, or Hartford.”

Matt is promoted by the up and coming TKO Promotions, run by Chet Koerner, who have made it their business model to develop fighters in front of their home towns. Regarding his promoter, he said, “Chet gave me the opportunity, he asked me, you know what do you think about bringing a show to your home town? I thought that would be great. I think he’s one of the best promoters out there that’s growing, and he can give me the opportunities too. So he’s not all talk he’s not like some of these promoters that just tell you what you want to hear. He actually works with you to establish your career.”

The last time I spoke with Matt, he said he was ready for a title shot whenever his team decided it was time. That time may be coming soon, as he remarked, “I think realistically we’re looking at end of next year for a real title shot. I’ll probably squeeze one more (fight) in (this year).”

I inquired whether or not he would prefer another fight in front of his local fans in Connecticut, and he said, “I would love to, you’re seeing more boxing come to NE with the Dawson – Johnson card going on Nov 7th and that’s HBO, HBO hasn’t been to Hartford in 20 years.”

If Matt continues his winning ways, we may be seeing him on an HBO card in the next year.

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