Matt Remillard Interview: I’m more than willing to do it!
By John Novoselac, Doghouse Boxing (July 10, 2009)  
Unbeaten featherweight prospect Matt Remillard fights this Friday night (tonight) at the Reno Events Center on the under card of Jesse Brinkley and Mike Paschall. After a frustrating fight cancellation on June 18th, Remillard looks to establish himself as he takes on veteran Edel Ruiz.

I caught up with Matt recently and had a chance to get his thoughts on a few topics, including his possible replacement for an ill Chris John who was to take on Rocky Juarez a couple weeks back in the Staples Center .

Matt fights under Chet Koerner’s promotional firm TKO Promotions. This promoter does things a bit differently as a newer company, and puts on shows in smaller markets to build fan bases as their fighters build their careers. On signing with TKO, Matt said, “They’re just beginning, they’re just starting and I feel like they’re going to be the best promoter coming up because they don’t have that many great fighters yet, and they’re just establishing their promotional company. So I’m not just another fighter in the stable. They take care of me and they make sure that they do what’s best for me. They take care of me so well.”

I asked how his training was going after the fight cancellation, and Matt said, “I took about a day off just to get my head right, you know and re-focus and then that day, they actually called me with the July 10th date. So, I didn’t take any time off, got right back in the gym. I work out in Manchester , CT. I spar a lot with John Scully and an amateur that’s turning pro soon, Chip Perez who’s won Golden Gloves several times.”

Regarding his weight, he said, “Right now I’m staying at 126 and 130. I feel real confident fighting for a world title at 126. I feel like I’m a big featherweight but not a big lightweight. I don’t feel like I’m going to grow into big lightweight. I’ll probably just be a smaller lightweight, that’s why I want to stay where advantages are at featherweight.”

Speaking on the possible Juarez fight, Matt said, “Yeah, they came up to us and presented an offer, and you know, my team looked at it, and they decided that with that short of a time span it wasn’t quite in the plans. Basically, stick with what I’m doing now and hopefully, you know, later down the line I’ll be able to get that shot again."

I asked if he was ready for a title shot, and he went on to say, “Whenever my manager and promoter decide that I’m ready, I’m more than willing to do it. If they would’ve accepted the fight with Juarez I would’ve been ready and willing to fight. So it’s whenever the offer that comes or whenever they feel I’m ready to fight for a title.".

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