Cotto stops Mayorga in 12 - Margarito and Pacquiao Next?
By John Novoselac at ringside (March 13, 2011) Doghouse Boxing (Photo © German Villasenor, Doghouse)
Ricardo Mayorga has made a very nice living off of beating one great fighter in the late Vernon Forrest; unfortunately he has lost every other time he has stepped up in the elite class of pugilism. The outcome on a beautiful spring night in Las Vegas wound prove that trends continue. In a junior middleweight title fight, he looked to resurrect his career against the current pride of Puerto Rico, Miguel Cotto at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas. Mayorga was typical in his brash lead up to the fight, doing his best to instigate the quiet Cotto every chance he had. Cotto refused to buy into the act, instead bringing his side of the act into the ring with hot slinging leather. Cotto's pedigree paid off as he stopped the nonsense, and Mayorga, late in the fight.

At Friday's weigh in both combatants appeared to be in very good physical condition, but looking good and fighting well don't always coincide. Mayorga come to the ring very well warmed up, showing a good sweat and looking very focused. Cotto came with the usual business like perspective: a man at work, taking his profession very seriously.

The first round was a measured one, with both fighters testing the foe in front. Cotto showed a disciplined approach, working technically and building towards the later rounds.

In round 3 Mayorga did his best to lure Cotto in, sitting in the corner begging him to come after him. Cotto remained focused, and continued to box smartly.

An aggressive Mayorga attacked Cotto late in the 4th round, looking to fulfill his prediction of a knockout to no avail as Cotto ate several hard shots with a smile to finish the stanza.

A left hook from Cotto started the 5th, and an uppercut followed. Mayorga fought back with vengeance, winging overhand rights at every opportunity. Cotto returned the favor with counter left hooks, always guarding against the Nicaraguan's return fire.

Through 6 rounds neither fighter appeared to tire, and they both kept up the same approach that got them halfway through the fight. Cotto kept boxing, and Mayorga kept swinging.

Mayorga looked to have stunned the Puerto Rican late in the 7th, with a barrage of overhand rights and right uppercuts. The man came determined to fight. He kept the pressure on, and as Antonio Margarito looked on from ringside, Mayorga landed a few nice right hands to end the 9th round.

The pressure continued through the final rounds of the fight. The end was as abrupt as one could imagine. A left hook to start the 12th put an end to the antics of Mayorga. Ricardo looked to have injured his arm as the devastating shot landed, and he was unable to recover after rising from the canvas. A dislocated left thumb was said to be the injury. An additional barrage of shots left the Nicaraguan slugger unable to continue, as he basically asked referee Robert Byrd to end the fight. Official time was 53 seconds of the 12th round. Miguel Cotto moves forward with a potential Antonio Margarito this summer, and his dream of another shot at pound for pound king Manny Pacquiao.

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