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By John Novoselac at ringside (Dec 14, 2010) Doghouse Boxing (Photo © German Villasenor, Doghouse)
For the third time in 6 weeks, Las Vegas delivered boxing fans another evening of violent excitement with plenty of drama. Over 12 rounds, a very determined Marcos Maidana fought his heart out, losing a 12 round unanimous decision to the WBA 140 pound titlist Amir Khan.

It would be a battle of boxer versus puncher as everyone expected, and the battle played out as expected. A wicked left - right body shot combo by Khan at the end of the first round sent Maidana down, and he was visibly hurt. Face wincing, he rose and finished the round, a harbinger of the grit he would show all night.

The difference in foot and hand speed was readily apparent. Khan answered the chin question early as well, eating few hard punches for his trouble through 2 rounds.

A minute into the 3rd, Maidana landed a few hard shots and Khan was made uncomfortable for the first time in the fight. He answered back well, moving and boxing.

In the 4th, Maidana stalked and cut off the ring and swung hard as Khan used his superior foot speed to maneuver himself out of firing range.

A point was deducted from Maidana by referee Joe Cortez in the 5th. An increasingly frustrated Maidana attempted to throw an elbow as the fighters were being broken apart by Cortez, and the point was taken.

A cut above Maidana's right eye opened in round 6, as the action rose along with Maidana's aggression. His game plan was simple: press and bang.

The pressure of Maidana continued through round 7, but he seemed to be running out of gas. Not completely, but the light looked to be on.

Khan boxed smartly and appeared to sense that Maidana was tiring throughout the 8th round. Khan was open for the uppercut, and Maidana kept throwing it. In the 9th, Khan answered it with flurries as he sought to establish his dominance.

A minute into the 10th saw Maidana land some devastating shots that began with a big right hand. Khan used his feet and a little holding to make his way out of the round.

Midway through the 11th, Khan seemed to snap back to life as he landed a beautiful right uppercut left hook combo. Maidana used everything he had left as he pressed and wailed away at Khan in the 12th, and Khan finished the fight with a somewhat meaningless flurry.

Scores were 114-111 twice, and 113-112 all for Khan. After, the victor said, “I worked hard and came back stronger than ever. He’s a strong fighter and hits hard but my chin was tested I’m not taking anything away from him. He’s a great champion. I proved today that I have a chin. I’m a boxer and if I go into the ring I know I’m going to get hit and I took everything he gave me.

In the main support bout Victor Ortiz appeared to dominate Lamont Peterson over 10 rounds in a junior welterweight eliminator, however the judges scored it a majority draw. Despite scoring 2 knockdowns in the 3rd and controlling the first half of the fight, the scores read 95-93 for Peterson, and 94-94 twice. Afterward an understandably upset Ortiz said, “I feel like crap, I thought I pulled it off he didn’t hit hard. But you know… shit happens.”

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