Interview with Rashad Holloway - The Welterweight Division Just Got Deeper!
By John Pullman, Doghouse Boxing (June 12, 2009)  
June 12th is upon us and Rashad Holloway is gearing up to continue his climb up the welterweight ladder. He is coming off an 8 round unanimous decision victory over Doel Carrasquillo in his home town of Cincinnati Ohio, moving his record to 10 and 1. And On Saturday, June 12th, Rashad will be squaring off against Harrison Cuello (18-10-2) at the Palms Casino in Las Vegas.

Rashad, doing his training and preparation at the Wildcard Gym in Hollywood, CA under the tutelage of
Eric Brown, is ready to go. “I feel great … Strong,” said Rashad.

Rashad not only does his work in the gym, but he also does his homework on his opponents outside the gym. “I saw an old fighter when he (Harrison Cuello) fought Vanes Martirosyan …When he fought Arnaoutis, I saw a game fighter … He is not anyone I am going to be taking lightly.”

Along with Rashad Holloway’s extensive amateur background, he has also been through a crash course in the gym, having sparred with the likes of Manny Pacquiao, Antonio Margarito, Amir Khan, and Alfred Angulo. Although Rashad has served as a sparring partner for some of the biggest fights in recent history, he does not have a sparring partner mentality. “To be honest, I don’t look at it like I am getting them ready, I look at it like they are getting me ready … The only time I am doing it I have something coming up … I don’t know what some guys do but I don’t go in there to be a punching bag or be like someone else … I just go in there and be myself, I don’t hold back, I don’t try to make nobody look good, I actually try to make them look bad … It’s more of a test for myself,” a confident Rashad says.

Holloway has more than passed the test in the ring, earning tremendous respect from some of the top guys in and around his division. He did not hesitate, when asked who is the most skillful fighter that he has ever sparred with. “I have to give it to Manny,” said Rashad.

Having all that gym experience has been a great compensation for Rashad’s lack of professional fights at this point in his career. He is looking to make his own mark in the division very shortly. “I went 8 rounds in my last fight back on March 21st, it wasn’t my best performance, and I understand that … I’m looking for one more 8 rounder and a couple 10 rounder’s … Honestly I should be fighting for a top ten spot in my next 3 fights,” said Holloway.

Rashad is not big on calling guys out at this stage in his career. “I don’t have a personal vendetta against anybody … I’m ready to take on whoever is in my way … Once I get in the top ten, top five stage, then I can start calling out some World Champions, but at this stage I am not really in a position to call out anyone …,” said Rashad.

Although Rashad remains humble, he is far from intimidated by anyone. Rashad continues, “I see flaws in everybody … I just feel as though I have something for everybody.”

The Welterweight Division is extremely deep with the likes of some of the pound for pound kings lurking at or very near by. “You got to give it to Shane … You got to give it to Paul Williams …You got to give it Miguel Cotto, Manny is not a true welterweight but you got to give it up to him, Andre Berto is a force to be reckoned with … Clottey is a dangerous guy too,” says Rashad.

The Welterweight Division is obviously stacked with talent, and although some of top fighters are very familiar with Rashad Holloway, it is now time for the public to start paying attention. Look out everyone the Welterweight Division just got a little deeper.

Thanks to Rashad Holloway, he is such a great and humble guy. Also thanks to Ramon Espada for setting up this interview.

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