Interview with Kelly Pavlik’s trainer, Jack Loew: Who’s “The Ghost” going to haunt next?
By John Pullman, Doghouse Boxing (June 19, 2009)  
In October of 08, Kelly Pavlik suffered a gut wrenching and shocking loss to Bernard Hopkins at a catch weight of 170. Since then, Kelly has come back to his middleweight roots to defeat Marco Antonio Rubio in February of this year. Kelly plans to stay at middleweight for his next bout, and why not, he does have an undefeated record, as well as the WBC and WBO Championships. “It looks like we are going to be fighting Felix Sturm in November,” says Jack Loew, Kelly’s longtime trainer.

Felix does have some business to take care of against Khoren Gevor on July 11th before he puts his entire focus on Kelly. This may not be an easy task, considering Gevor did go 11 hard rounds with middleweight titlist Arthur Abraham in August of 07. However, Jack is not too impressed or concerned with Arthur Abraham. “I would much rather fight Arthur Abraham, I think it’ an easier fight… He stands right in front of you and I think anyone who has the balls to stand in front of Kelly at 160 pounds is going to go out!” Jack exclaims.

Like most great fight trainers, Mr. Loew studies all his potential adversaries. He continues with more reasons as to why he believes Abraham is overrated. “I seen him (Abraham) fight Lajuan Simon… I had a kid Darnell Boone that fought Lajuan Simon and beat his ass, Darnell Boone is a B level fighter at best. So, I don’t think much of Arthur Abraham.” It is important to note that Simon and Abraham fought the full 12 rounds, resulting in a decision victory for Abraham.

Jack has reason to believe that there is no guy at 160 who his fighter can not
handle. So, what about Paul Williams? Some of you may ask… Jack weighs in on Paul, “Paul Williams is one of those awkward guys, he’s tall, he’s rangy… He throws 100 punches a round, but he throws 100 punches a round against either old guys or guys that are smaller than him… Can he throw 100 punches a round against a guy like Kelly Pavlik, or another big legit middleweight?”

Although Kelly’s only loss came above middleweight, and Jack and Kelly remain confident Champions at 160, it doesn’t mean their train will stop there. “If we beat Felix Sturm, we are going to fight Carl Froch… But he’s gotta get by Bute and he might not do that…”

Carl Froch is a dangerous super middleweight who recently came over the pond to America in April to stop Jermain Taylor. That would be a super match up if both fighters can handle all their business. However, Jack and Kelly are going to make sure they don’t jump up too high, too fast, like they may have in the past… “So, from what I understand if we get by Felix Sturm we are going to fight Carl Froch, but I don’t think we are going to super middleweight, we’re gonna fight at a catch weight of… like probably 65,” said Mr. Loew.

Thanks to Jack Loew for taking the time out of his busy schedule to talk with me.

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