Interview with Dave Martinez: Let’s bring the La Habra Boxing Club back!
By John Pullman, Doghouse Boxing (Aug 19, 2009)  
Dave Martinez is a decorated veteran who has devoted his life to the youth of La Habra. He has been operating the non profit boxing organization in La Habra for 30 years. He opened shop in the trenches of La Habra, California and even with all his success he hasn’t left.

Dave Martinez is a boxing mastermind and his resume is extensive. He is best known for his work with Librado Andrade and his brother Enrique Ornelas. He has also worked with former World Light Heavyweight Champ Julio Cesar Gonzalez. And, apart from being a brilliant boxing technician he has served as a cut man in twelve World title fights, not to mention, he is a true class act.

Recently tragedy has struck the city of La Habra and Martinez’s livelihood. “About 3 or 4 months ago we had a fire at our gym. There was an early morning fire that destroyed about $10,000 worth of equipment. We are a non profit organization and I pay the bills. I don’t charge anyone to train at my gym. I am trying to recoup some of the loss by doing a fundraiser. We are having a Salsa night at the La Habra community center,” said Martinez.

Although Martinez is a boxing fanatic, he understands that not all kids are going to be professional fighters; this center can offer more than just boxing. As a matter of fact, his youth center has been the training ground for doctors and police officers in the community. Martinez would love to continue to turn out outstanding young individuals in and outside of the ring. He has a plan and with a little help he is fully prepared to facilitate it. “It is not just boxing for our gym, I am also trying to open up a computer center. We need computers. A lot of these kids are under privileged kids, we live in an area where the kids don’t have much. I have an individual that will be able to help them with their homework and how to work the computer. Of course it will be no cost to join our club,” said Martinez.

Hard financial times have fallen on all of the country. Therefore, Martinez’s usual help is not available. Dave continues, “The city is very supportive. The city gave me the building, but like any city they are lacking funds and quit supporting me about a year ago. So now I have to generate money to pay the utilities and liability.”

For all of you boxing fans and generous souls in the Southern California area, the fundraiser is on Friday August 28th, 2009 from 6pm to 11pm at the La Habra Community Center. And for those of you throughout the world that cannot make it; contact Dave for donation information at

Having boxing running through his veins, even with no boxing gym to call his home at the moment, Dave is still staying busy looking to develop fighters. “I work with heavyweights right now in the Michael King program,” says an eager and hopeful Martinez.

Through Dave’s whole life he has been about giving back. He was a veteran and served his country, now he is serving the youth of La Habra. Even to this day he is asking for our help to help others. This man is truly special and deserves all the admiration and generosity we can offer him.

Thanks so much to Mr. Dave Martinez for speaking with me.

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