Interview with Kevin Cunningham: “Devon Alexander is ready for the world!”
By John Pullman, Doghouse Boxing (Oct 2, 2009)  
There is a new 140 pounder that needs to be mentioned with the likes of the top of the division. Hailing from Saint Louis, Missouri, Devon Alexander is on a fast track to stardom. Coming from Kevin Cunningham’s stable, training side by side with Cory Spinks, Alexander uses a combination of speed and aggression to give his opponents fits. In only his 13th fight he took on world class veteran, Demarcus “Chop-Chop” Corley, winning a lopsided unanimous decision. Thirteen fights may have seemed a little premature for such a step up in class, but not to his trainer.

“When you have almost 300 amateur fights, and you fought the Cubans, and you have all that international experience; that accounts for something,” Alexander’s trainer, Kevin Cunningham, reminds me. “He was ready, I knew he was ready, I told everybody he was ready. Devon is ready for the world!” exclaims Cunningham.

Now at the young age of 22 and with only 19 professional fights, he currently holds the WBC world light welterweight title. He won that title by defeating Junior Witter in August of this year. Junior Witter is a tough guy to fight because of his awkward style. “Junior Witter is not the easiest guy in the world to prepare for, that was the last guy on planet Earth that I wanted Devon to fight for a title. He is good at that awkward style of his, you can’t look good against this guy,” mentions Cunningham.

But Alexander managed to look exciting and impressive in that victory. Kevin Cunningham is extremely confident in his rising star, and sees a tremendous future ahead. “He is a fan friendly fighter, he is aggressive, he can bang when he needs to bang but he has the skills and ability to box. I just think Devon is gonna be one of the best fighters out there in the next few years,” says Cunningham.

In an action packed division, there are a ton of exciting fights out there to choose from for Devon Alexander. And with all those choices, Kevin and Devon have someone very special in mind.

Kevin continues, “I read that Juan Manuel Marquez wants to fight at 140 pounds. We want to make it known that if Juan Manuel Marquez wants a shot at a title at 140, Devon Alexander, the greatest, is more than willing to give him a shot!”

Thanks to Mr. Kevin Cunningham for taking the time to speak with me.

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