Interview with Enrique Ornelas: “Keep Your Dreams Alive and Keep Moving Forward!”
By John Pullman, Doghouse Boxing (Oct 4, 2009)  
Enrique Ornelas has been a professional boxer for going on 10 years now although he is only 29 years old. He has been to the top of his division, being a former WBC World Youth Super Middleweight Champion and he also was the former NABF Middleweight Champ. In October of last year he lost a razor thin split decision against Marco Antonio Rubio for a shot at Pavlik. He is now coming off a 4th round knockout victory over Roberto Baro, and is currently ranked number 6 by the WBC. Enrique knows that he is not too far off from a chance at a World Title and is ready to make his return to the ring.

Enrique has his sights set on his goal. “Kelly Pavlik is the champion and that’s where a boxer wants to get and that’s exactly what I am looking for,” states the focused Enrique Ornelas.

Although Pavlik happens to hold what Enrique is after, he is not picky of whom he fights in or around the middleweight division. “It doesn’t matter who I fight, Kelly Pavlik, Arthur Abraham, Jermain Taylor, Bute, Kessler. I would love to fight with all of those guys and I see myself fighting with them in the future. I am not saying I can beat them or I am better than them, but it would be a very interesting fight because I know that I would fight with all my heart!” Says the classy warrior.

He was hoping to land another title elimination bout next. “I was getting ready for an elimination for the WBC but I guess some of the fighters were busy or had other things going ,” states the unassuming Ornelas.

Enrique is too nice to say it, but his trainer Dave Martinez instructs me that they were attempting to get a fight with Sergio Mora. But a guy like Enrique Ornelas would be a big risk for Sergio Mora who is trying to hold on to his high ranking while lobbying for another big fight.

Although his hopes fell a little short for the bigger name opponent for his upcoming bout, Enrique refuses to let that stop his trail. Now Enrique prepares for a spot on the October 10th undercard of the Israel Vazquez/Angel Antonio Priolo fight at the Nokia Center in Los Angeles, California. “The October 10th fight just recently came to me and I am always willing to give it a shot. I am ready for that fight. We don’t have an opponent yet but we are looking for one.”

While Enrique prepares for his fight in October his brother Librado Andrade prepares for his World Title rematch with Lucian Bute. Enrique is extremely excited and confident that his brother will bring home the belt. “I think it’s really exciting. I am just ready to watch that fight because the first fight was just amazingly entertaining and I can’t wait for this one. I wish him all the best and I know he will be ready.”

Enrique and Librado have been working hard and striving to make their dreams come true. They are both on the brink of being World Champions now. Enrique closes with a little message to all the young kids out there, “keep your dreams alive and keep going forward.” Those are obviously the words he lives by.

Thanks to the humble and classy Enrique Ornelas for taking the time to speak with me.

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