Ras’s Random Rants on Pacquiao, Margarito, Marquez, Williams, Martyniouk and More
By John J. Raspanti (Jan 24, 2011) Doghouse Boxing (Photo © John J. Raspanti)
The Ras found himself dazzled by all the big fights that ended the year of our lord, 2010. There were four biggies that boggled the mind, and some fighters, their senses. First on the hit parade was Manny “Iron-Man” Paquiao versus Antonio “Plaster of Paris” Margerito. The rascally Ras had gotten himself invited to the watch the fight with some friends. Pretty much all in attendance wanted to witness Manny P putting a country whuppin on Tony the toothless tiger. We got what we wanted, a one-sided drubbing that resembled a Brazilian beatdown more then a professional fight. Any semblance of drama was gone by the sixth round as Manny made Margerito’s face look like it ran into a meat grinder. Paquiao is a tremendous fighter, and a good person. However, the Ras has a little trouble with some of the remarks ranking Manny closing in on Sugar Ray Robinson as the best of the best. The relevant Ras believes that the other Sugar, as in Leonard could have taken Pacquiao.

Next up the Ras reviewed the Juan Manuel “My Urine” Marquez and Michael “Raging Bull” Katsidis fight. Marquez is thirty-seven years old and has to start to slow down at some point right? Katsidis stalked Marquez from the opening bell, attempting to knock the former champion into tommorowland. Marquez moved away and countered, seeming to be in control when a left hook from hell caught him flush on the chin, separating his senses and his legs. Marquez was down, and the Rassle was thinking, “the old guy can’t handle the hard hitting Katsidis”. The Ras was correct (as usual) right?

The resounding answer was NO. The only thing getting old that night was watching Marquez continually beat the younger man to the punch. Juan was putting on a clinic, and the Ras was impressed. The fight was finally stopped in the ninth round after Marquez landed two blistering right hands that caused Michael to stumble back. Chalk up another victory for Juan and his “urine of youth”. As for Katsidis, guts man, total guts.

The second fight on the November card was the Paul “The Tall” Williams and Sergio “Smiling Man” Martinez in a rematch. Williams had one their first fight by a decision. The wife made the Raz and his guest some popcorn, figuring like most of the experts that this twelve rounder would probably go the distance. The first round was interesting with Martinez winning it with some fast flurries near the end of the round. The second was closer with Williams loading up his left, preparing to unleash a blistering Joe Frazier like hook on Martinez’s chin. As the Raz stuffed some more popcorn in his bass-like mouth, it was Martinez who landed the hellacious. left on William’s exposed chin. Paul seemed to pause for minute before descending down on the canvas like a praying mantis whose wings had been clipped. The Raz also lost something, his popcorn after the jaw-dropping knockout.

The beloved Ras was at ringside (in a way) to witness Andre “Tough as Nails” Ward tangle with Sakio “Elbows” Bika. Yes, yes I know. The Ward/Bika fight was not a great one. Andre won virtually every round. The Ras sat back and shook his head. How good is Andre Ward? Oh sure in boxing we love the good old pier six brawl, but Ward brings out the science in the sport, and it’s pretty darn sweet. His versatility is what impresses, he can box, slug, or push his opponent into the proverbial phone booth and pound him into jelly. The ridiculous Ras has been raving about Ward for over two years now.

Now to the now, the Ras has been talking to and texting with “The Man” as in Stan Martyniouk. Khadaphi “Underrated” Proctor upset Stan last November in a six round affair. To say “The Man” is itching to get back in the ring would be one giant understatement…

“Training is going good, I feel good, focused, just wanna hurt someone in the ring, still can't believe I lost and that's making me train harder. Can't wait to get back in the ring.”

Stan wasn’t the only one who was shocked that night. However, they say life is about obstacles, and Stan feels he learned something. The twenty five year old Martyniouk has talent to spare, and has rededicated himself to boxing.

Breaking news from the Ras’s cell, it looks like the return of “The Man” is tentatively scheduled for February 12.

Stan is back, and the sport is better for it.

A few weeks ago, the rebellious Ras was in Fairfield, California to witness the fights. The main headliner was Brandon “Flawless” Gonzales. The flawless one didn’t disappoint, displaying some real boxing skills in winning an eight round decision over tough Lester Gonzalez. The entire show was entertaining and enjoyable.

The rambling Ras took the Mrs. to see The Fighter, staring Mark Wahlberg and Christian Bale. First off, you should know that the reel loving Ras is major movie fan, especially boxing films. However, one does not have to be a boxing fan to enjoy this compelling and wonderfully acted film on Irish Micky Ward. Wahlberg is superb as the soft-spoken Ward, while Bale leaves the Batman mask in the batmobile and dominates the screen with his portrayal of crack-addicted brother Dicky. The relentless Ras gives this one an A- and says don’t miss it!

Finally, we have a list of some of the fights that the relaxed Ras is looking forward too…

January 29th
Devon Alexander vs. Timothy Bradley Jr. (WBC/WBO junior welterweight unification)

February 19th
Nonito Donaire takes on Fernando Montiel (WBO/WBC bantamweight championship)

May 7th
Manny Paqiuiao boxes Sugar Shane Mosley (WBO welterweight championship)

May 14th (not official)
Andre Ward and Arthur Abraham

May 21st
Carl Froch tangles with Glenn Johnson.

The “dead” sport lives on.

Thanks for reading….

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