Mercito Gesta and Eloy Perez demolish and dominate their opponents
By John J. Raspanti at ringside (Feb 19, 2011) Doghouse Boxing
Rising junior welterweight Mercito “No Mercy” Gesto improved his record to 21-0-1 (11 KO’s) by easily stopping veteran Genaro Tranzancos (22-14-1, 13 KO’s) at the Longshoreman’s Hall in San Francisco , California . Gesta dominated from the get go, appearing as if he could stop his overmatched opponent at anytime. “No Mercy” used his southpaw style to confuse the much slower Trazancos and then jolt him with right uppercuts. In round two Gesta landed some nice body shots and two more uppercuts. To his credit, Tranzancos tried to make a fight of it, throwing occasional lefts and rights, which had no effect on Gesta. Round three was more of the same as Gesta peppered Trazancos with jabs and then staggered him with yet another uppercut. The uppercut would seal the deal as Tranzancos corner felt their fighter was unfit to continue. This was the second time in six months that Mercito had defeated Tranzacos.

Gesta was gracious in victory “Our plan was to knock him out early, I hit him with some hard punches but he wouldn’t go easy. I respect this guy”

The co-feature of the night matched lightweights Eloy Perez and Roger Gonzales. Perez entered the contest undefeated while Gonzalez’s record revealed only three defeats. Make that four as Perez used his exceptional quickness to keep the heavier hitting Gonzales off balance. Perez superior ability was evident early on as he tripled jabbed Gonzales and landed combinations to the head and body. Perez was content to continue this pattern, while Gonzales appeared to be trying to sucker Elroy into a slugfest, even lying on the ropes in an attempt to drop a bomb on Perez’s chin. The bomb never went off as Perez continued to pop Gonzales with jabs and quick combinations. The punch ratio was often four to one in Perez’s favor. In round seven Gonzales came out with a little more fire, pushing Perez a bit and even landing some glancing blows, but by the end of the round Perez was back in control. Gonzales tried again to force the action in the last round, only to eat a left hook that hurt him. Perez landed a hard right on the now bloodied Gonzales, who moved away in subtle symbol of surrender.

All four judges scored the fight 80-72. Perez improves to 20-0, 5 KO’s while Gonzales loses his third straight and falls to 27-4 (18 KOs ).

Perez was pleased with his performance “I dominated and did what I had to do” he said moments after the decision was announced.

Adolfo Gonzales (1-0-1) and Jose Leon (1-0-1) battled to a draw in four round junior middleweight affair. Leon shocked Gonzales at the opening bell with a sneaky right hand while Gonzales was trying to touch gloves. The fight was a tough one to score as the southpaw Gonzales utilized the ring, throwing awkward jabs and right hands, while Leon stalked and threw rights to the body and head. At the conclusion of the bout, the crowd seemed equally divided on which fighter would get the decision.

In some bizarre scoring, two judges saw the fight in opposite terms, one had Gonzales winning every round, while the other had Leon winning every round. The last judge scored the fight 38-38 producing draw.

In his professional debut cruiserweight Joe “The Punisher” Gumina lived up to his nickname by destroying Jose Hurtado (3-3, 3 KO’s). The popular Gumina came out extremely aggressively, backing the soft looking Hurtado into the ropes, and pounding him with some big shots. Hurtado tried to move away but Gumina stunned him with a big uppercut, followed by an even bigger right hand that sent him down for an eight count. Hurtado got up quickly but another powerful combination by Gumina convinced the referee to halt the contest at one minute and two seconds.

In the last fight of the night, Clint Coronel (3-1-2, 1 KO) and Richard Hardgrave’s (2-0, 2 KO’s) fought to a four round draw. Both junior middleweights battled, as Hardgrave’s used the ring and Coronel stalked. Cornel seemed to land the heavy punches, while Hardgrave’s jab piled up the points. Cornel came on strong in the last round, connecting with a big right hand on Hardgrave’s chin that stunned the hometown fighter. Both boxers seemed pleased with the decision.

The card was promoted and produced by Don Chargin in conjunction with Golden Boy Promotions.


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