Andre Ward vs. Allan Green: Let’s get it on!
By John J. Raspanti (June 16, 2010) Doghouse Boxing (Photo © Howard Schatz)  
Allan Green can punch.

Allan Green can talk.

Green’s left hook is his money punch and it definitely carries some T.N.T in it. The question is, how much? He’s mostly known for his brutal knockout of Jaidon Codrington in less then twenty seconds. That aforementioned left hook, almost took Jaidon’s head off. He sports an impressive record of 29 wins and only 1 loss, with 20 knockouts. “The Ghost Dog’s” right is pretty good too, and his hand speed is above average. Rumors have been circulating for weeks that his sparring sessions have been very impressive. Green’s athletic and moves pretty well in the ring. He’s tall (6’2”) and rangy, his defense is adequate at best, but the questions remain… does all of this add up to a victory against newly crowned WBA champion Andre Ward?

To hear Green tell it…it certainly does. Recent quotes suggest supreme confidence.

“Andre will need the Oakland Fire Department in his corner the night of the fight because I’m bringing a lot of fire, smoke and heat with me in the ring on June 19th, and I don’t think he will be able to put the fire out.”

Green questions whether Ward is a true warrior. “He’s very clever with good boxing skills and I’ve complimented his victory over Mikkel Kessler, but it’s not in his DNA to go deep in the waters and do battle like a real warrior.”

Later he says this about Wards chin. “He has a weak chin; I know it, he knows it, and everybody else knows it.”

Allan” Sweetness” Green is talking a good game but who is he trying convince, Andre “SOG” Ward or himself?

Defending champion Andre Ward is very aware of Greens yammering. He finds most of it amusing and par for the course. He’s actually been aware of Green for quite awhile now and respects Green’s ability. Ward prefers to let his punches do his talking. He enters the fight as the undefeated champion, with a record of 21 wins and no losses, including 13 knockouts. Ward feels he is the most underestimated fighter in the game, even after his thrashing of Mikkel Kessler. And he has a point; Kessler seemed a tad overconfident before their fight, acting as if all he had to do was show up and victory would be his. Most of the so called boxing experts had tabbed Kessler as the favorite to win the Super Six Tournament, and to whip Andre Ward easily.

Big mistake.

Ward made mincemeat of Kessler, dazzling his home crowd and the boxing critics with a commanding and dominating performance. Allan Green has watched the fight many times and respects Ward… to a degree. Green will have an advantage in height and reach but that’s about it. Allan is 30 years old and Ward is 26. A common opponent of the two is Edison Miranda who Green leveled with a leaping left hook in the 8th round, but then found himself on the canvas a few rounds later and the loser of a unanimous decision. Ward fought Miranda in May of 2009 and won handily, winning close to ten of the twelve rounds. Andre is the more athletic and intelligent of the two fighters, he’s also quicker and slicker than Green and more versatile. He slips, he slides and then fires punches from all angles. Green’s advantage is power, he will have to be able to time Ward with his left hook or maybe an uppercut. As hard as Ward is to hit, he does leave himself open occasionally as he charges in. Will Green be able to thread the needle if and when the opening is there? It’s possible. I don’t see him outboxing Ward so landing the home run punch is probably his only chance for victory. Another factor could be mental toughness and intensity. Ward is extremely focused and driven, whereas Green has shown a propensity to get confused and panic a little.

As for the fight itself I see it starting slowly, as Ward dissects and attacks and Green looks to load up and detonate that left hook. As the fight progresses Ward will continue to beat Green to the punch, punishing him with lead rights and lefts. Green will land some good shots to Ward’s body and head and stay competitive to a degree but as the fight passes the middle point the more talented Ward will begin to take over, beating Green to the punch which will lead to either a late stoppage or a unanimous decision victory.

The winner and still WBA champion… Andre Ward.


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