Andre Ward’s Personal Clinic
By John J. Raspanti (June 29, 2010) Doghouse Boxing (Photo © German Villasenor)  
A clinic is usually referred to as hospital, sick-bay or a…surgeon. The term personal can be ascribed as your own or…private and distinct.

All these terms fit like a glove what Andre Ward did to Allan Green on June 19th at a rocking Oracle Arena. The clinic he performed on “The Ghost Dog” was enough to cause Green to want to disappear midway through their fight. And why not, leading up to the fight he was the one who said he had Ward’s style figured out…

"He's a very clever with good boxing skills and I've complimented his victory over Mikkel Kessler, but it's not in his DNA to go deep in the waters and do battle like a real warrior”

Oh really, after the fight Green was sent to the hospital as a precaution, saying he felt sick. I can understand that after witnessing him being walked to the ropes and popped with some jarring shots to the body and head. A surgeon by the name of Ward had carved him up, beat him up and pushed him around. You could say that Andre’s rope side manner was a bit on the rude side as he put a very personal whipping on the man from Tulsa.

The raking of Green had a private feel to it too, along with the personal. Ward was very aware of Green’s braggadocio and critical remarks. One such remark…which had my eyebrows going up and down like Groucho Marx without the cigar was when Green referred to Ward as a “hummingbird”

“He’s like a little hummingbird; he tries to keep you off balance from the offset”.

Ok so Ward is not a real warrior, and he’s a hummingbird. After my eyebrows slowed down a tad I reflected on WHY Green was in a sense attacking Ward’s manhood. Was he trying to build up the gate, or himself? If it was the latter then Green had made the first of many mistakes.

Immediately after meeting Andre Ward you learn this…he’s extremely focused and very motivated. He doesn’t talk it like Green did…he walks it. Ward seriously feels that he’s been underestimated his entire amateur and professional career, so is it wise to give him more motivation by saying that he’s a gutless soldier who fights like a tiny bird with a long beak?

As my six year old grandson would say…”Duh!!!!!”

There have been some complaints that the fight itself was a bit on the boring side. That master of hyperbole Carl Froch commented that the fight was “like watching paint dry” Good one Carl, but whether someone is a good painter is again a matter of opinion. Throughout his long career painter extraordinaire Claude Monet heard varying comments about his talent. Some said “good but uninspiring” while others said “unique and masterful”.

I think both of these terms describe what Andre Ward did to Allan Green. His performance was surprising to some (especially Green) who didn’t believe that getting down and dirty and fighting inside is Ward’s cup of tea. Quite the contrary actually, so saying Ward’s style or styles is unique seems to fit. As far as masterful…yes in the way that he dictates the action and seems to will his opponents into fighting his fight, then attacks them like a wayward pit-bull with an attitude.

So in summing up I personally would not have any interest in attending any of Andre Wards personal clinics. If you have any doubts about this, just ask his last three opponents. Before starting this piece I read that Ward is already zeroing in on his next opponent Andre Dirrell, who also happens to be a very close friend of his.

Andre knows Andre. How much you want to bet me that Dirrell will only say nice things about S.O.G?

Yep…thought so.


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