Austin Trout shows his talent, upsets Miguel Cotto
By John J. Raspanti, Doghouse Boxing (Dec 2, 2012) Doghouse Boxing (Photo © Tom Casino / SHOWTIME)
Austin Trout
Austin Trout (26-0, 14 KOs), showing more ability than many people thought he possessed, won a unanimous decision over Miguel Cotto (38-4, 30 KOs) at a rocking Madison Square Garden in New York City. With the victory, Trout retained his WBA super middleweight belt.
Cotto, 32, started quickly in round one. He jabbed and looked to land his right hand. Trout, a southpaw, landed a good left to the body. Later in the round another left hurt Cotto. The former champion countered with a left hook.
In round two, Cotto landed a good right to the body. Trout found Cotto with another left hook. Cotto clipped Trout with an inside hook. Trout continued to use his jab. Cotto landed a left hook at the bell.
Trout, 27, came out jabbing in round three. His reach advantage was paying dividends. Cotto worked Trout’s body in the corner. Cotto upped his intensity in the last minute. Trout landed a left hook - Cotto countered with his own at the bell.
Cotto looked to continue his momentum in round four. Trout landed a stiff jab. Cotto countered with a right. Trout was punching effectively. The fighters traded left hooks at the bell. Trout was outworking Cotto.
In round five, Trout moved and boxed. His three punch combination stung Cotto. The crowd favorite landed a right to the heart and a left hook to the chin. Trout snapped Cotto’s head back. Cotto connected with a straight right at the bell.
Cotto landed a left to the head of Trout in round six. Trout’s jab was busy. A Cotto right made the crowd scream. Trout was walking Cotto down. The veteran seemed to prefer that. He landed another left that stunned Trout. Cotto connected with another right in round seven. Trout landed a check right hook. Cotto came back with a couter right hand.
Trout landed a combination that must have hurt. The round went to Trout.
In round eight, Cotto caught Trout with a double left hook. Trout landed a right hand to the head. Cotto came back with a hard right of his own. Trout was the busier fighter. His sweeping left was also landing. Cotto backed Trout into the ropes in round nine. His right hand thudded off the body of Cotto.
Cotto tried moving and boxing in the last portion of the round. His combination connected. Trout countered with a fierce uppercut.
Trout landed a left to the head in round 10. Cotto connected with a sweeping left. Trout clipped Cotto with a hard uppercut. Cotto did well in the first two minutes. Trout worked his combinations to the head and body. Cotto landed a four punch combination at the end of the round.
In round 11, Cotto hit pay dirt with a hard left hand to the head. Trout landed another uppercut. Cotto stung Trout with a jab. Trout continued to do some good work. His uppercut hurt Cotto. His jab was finding Cotto’s face on a consistent basis.
A Cotto combination did some good work in the last round. Trout jabbed constantly. Cotto landed an uppercut that hurt Trout. Cotto was trying, but Trout was landing more punches. Cotto caught Trout with a left hook in the last few seconds. Trout connected with another stinging combination that won him the round.
The scoring of the fight was 117-111 twice, and a shocking 119-109. 
Doghouseboxing scored the bout 115-113 for Trout.
The fight was part of the Showtime Championship Boxing Series.

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