Rising star “Tino” Avila stops Ricky Lopez in eight
By John J. Raspanti, Doghouse Boxing (Dec 3, 2012) Doghouse Boxing
Manuel “Tino” Avila
Manuel “Tino” Avila (11-0, 4 KOs) remained undefeated by stopping Ricky Lopez (9-2, 4 KOs) in the eighth round at the Georgie Duke Center in Vacaville, California.

In round one, Avila worked behind his jab. Lopez used the ring and eyed his taller opponent. A double Avila jab connected. Lopez tried a combination but the punches fell short. Avila dug two left hooks to the body of Lopez. The Oxnard, California fighter finally clipped Avila with a right at the bell.
Lopez came out more aggressively in round two. He clocked Avila with a right on the ropes, but the Vacaville resident took it well. Avila seemed annoyed by the sudden aggressiveness of Lopez and fired back. A cut on the left eyebrow of Avila materialized (courtesy of a clash of heads) immediately after he connected with another combination. Lopez saw the cut and tried to drop some right hands. Avila cutman Nasser Niavaroni did a fine job limiting the damage.
Avila was back to working behind his jab in round three. Lopez connected with a right off the top of Avila’s head. The 20-year-old Avila countered with his own right. A furious exchange exploded off the ropes with both boxers landing stinging punches. Lopez caught Avila with two left hooks to the ribs. Avila went back to boxing in the last minute of the stanza. Suddenly, a slashing left hook put Lopez down with 20 seconds left in the round. Lopez was up quickly and appeared ok.
Avila used the old one two in round four. The boyish looking Lopez caught Avila with a right to the jaw. Avila took a step back and fired his own right.

In round five, the young prospects continued to battle. Lopez landed a hard left on the onrushing Avila. His right also connected. Avila pumped jabs in the face of Lopez. His own right jolted Lopez. In round six, Lopez again clipped Avila with a left hook. The action slowed somewhat as both fighters looked to land a game changing punch.
Avila connected with a four punch combination near the ropes. Lopez pushed Avila to the other side of ring and strafed his body with a left and right. Avila moved the action back into the center of the ring. A right knocked Lopez back against the ropes. Avila went for paydirt. A flashy combination bounced off Lopez as his hometown fans cheered wildly.
Avila opened up jabbing in the seventh round. Lopez snapped off a beauty of hook. A minute later a right crashed off the chin of Avila - who immediately punched back. Avila again opened up in the last seconds of the round.
The eighth and final round produced some fireworks. As Lopez rushed inside, Avila landed a check left hook that put Lopez on all fours. Lopez staggered to the ropes in search of his legs. Another big Avila left hook put Lopez on his back.
Referee Dan Stell had seen enough and waved off the bout. The time was 1:09 of the eighth round.
“Going into the last round I felt like I had the fight won,” Avila told this writer. “But, I needed that last round to make my statement.”

The bout was the main event of a Solo Boxeo promotion.

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