ESPN Friday Night At The Fights: Gonzales wins by decision over Mouton

ESPN Friday Night At The Fights: Gonzales wins by decision over Mouton
By John J. Raspanti, Doghouse Boxing (Jan 12, 2013) Photo © John J. Raspanti, Doghouse Boxing

Brandon “Flawless” Gonzales
Super middleweight Brandon “Flawless” Gonzales (17-0, 10 KOs) applied his versatile boxing skills to win by unanimous decision over dangerous veteran Don Mouton (11-5-1, 10 KOs) over eight rounds on ESPN Friday Night Fights at the Pueblo Pavilion in Sante Fe, New Mexico.

All three judges had Gonzales winning by scores of 78-75, and 77-75 twice.
Doghouseboxing scored the bout 78-74 Gonzales.
In round one, Gonzales used a double jab to keep Mouton off balance. Mouton, 34, pressed the action. Gonzales worked the body on the inside. Mouton countered with a sneaky hook at the bell. Gonzales kept working his jab in round two. His faster hands were paying dividends. Mouton, shorter by a few inches, fired landed a left to the body of Gonzales.

In round three, Gonzales,28, continued to out box the slower Mouton. His jab was setting up his combinations. He was beating Mouton to the punch consistently. Mouton walked forward with his guard up. Gonzales jabbed and used the ring in round four. Mouton’s only chance was on the inside. He landed a good left to the heart. Gonzales, no wilting flower on the inside, connected with two hard right hands.

Mouton went looking to land in bomb in round five. Gonzales ducked and moved. Mouton had no answer when Gonzales went to the body and head. Mouton wobbled to the ropes at the bell.

Gonzales went looking for a knockout in round six. His body work continued. Mouton was being out punched in every round. Gonzales landed a right to the ribcage. Two crisp uppercuts stung Mouton. In round seven, Mouton finally connected with a hard left to the chin of Gonzales. Gonzales countered with a sweeping right to the head. By the middle of the round Gonzales was back in control.

In the eighth and final round, Gonzales fought like he was behind on the scorecards. His combinations bounced off the chin of Mouton. Gonzales pushed Mouton to the ropes and landed a left hook. Mouton landed his own hooks at the bell - one sending Gonzales to the ropes.
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