Nine Questions for Nate Campbell - Hatton or Pacquiao and More
Interview By John Raspanti, (Feb 26, 2009)  
Former champion and now leading junior welterweight contender Nate Campbell recently took the time to answer some questions about fighting a taller opponent, body punching, his corner, his talent and who might be in his future.
John Raspanti: Congratulations on your victory over Ali Funeka. How difficult was it fighting a guy 6’1”? 

Nate Campbell: Thanks. It was not that difficult but it was an awkward undertaking.
JR: You hit him with some wicked body punches, have you always been a good body puncher?

For most of my career I have been a serious body puncher, but when I watched some tapes of Mike McCallum I was sold.

JR: You kept throwing your right over the top even though your corner said to jab more. How closely do you listen to your corner during a fight?

Yes. He was moving away a lot more than we planned on, I really listen to my corner.
JR: I seem to remember a few years ago you boxed a little more. Now you’re a full out walk in slugger. Did you change your style?

The last couple fights called for the pressure style, I still prefer to box. Think about it, if I had boxed Diaz he would have steamrolled me; Funeka was too tall to box so I did what was needed.

JR: When you're tired during a fight, do you think of anything in your past or the present to motivate you?

Usually I don't get tired, but because of having spent so many hours in the sauna I was drained. What I thought about was what I was taught throughout my career: relax and keep my hands up and work through it

JR: Change of pace, growing up did you have any favorite fighters?
Marvin Hagler, Aaron Pryor, Tommy Hearns, Ray Leonard, Ali, Duran and Ricardo Lopez.

JR: When did you know you had real talent as a fighter?

I always believed in my talent I just wanted to learn my craft.

JR: So far who has been your toughest opponent?
I have had a few: Casamayor, Funeka, Quiles and Angel Rios. I had a couple others.
JR: Who would you rather fight... Ricky Hatton or Manny Pacquiao?
JR: Thank you, Nate.

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