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Will Malik Scott Be the Ticket for Jesse Reid’s IBHOF Induction?
By Ken Hissner, Doghouse Boxing (Feb 22, 2013) Doghouse Boxing
Malik Scott (Right) - Jesse Reid (Left)
Jesse Reid has trained 23 world champions. WBA super feather and WBC light welter Roger Mayweather, Reggie Johnson, Johnny Tapia, IBF bantam Orlando and WBA/WBO bantam Gaby Canizales, Lamon Brewster, Hector Camacho, Paul Spadafora, WBC light welter Bruce Curry, WBC lightweight Rodolfo “El Gato” Gonzalez, IBF middle Frank Tate, IBF feather Calvin Grove, IBF light middle and super middle Darrin Van Horn, WBO/WBA light and WBC Super middleweightDingaanThobela, (14)

Jesse Burnett, Lou Savarese, Ty Fields, Angel Manfredy, Dominic Carter, Samuel Peter, Al Gonzalez, Aaron Williams, Reece Bennett (amateur) are others he has trained.

Reid was inducted into World Boxing Hall of Fame in 2004. He made the Olympic trials in 1968, 93 amateur fights and a 5-1-2 professional record. Sparring with future world champion Hedgemon Lewis who “used my head for a speed bag” and I decided I’d rather be a trainer. By the way Lewis was an excellent boxer holding a portion of the welterweight title.

Reid was asked to work with Freddy Roach to help with the overload he had and Reid did it for as long as he could along with his own boxers. He decided to end that project and move onto Burbank, CA, still training boxers and professional people. Reid currently has been training unbeaten Philadelphia heavyweight Malik Scott, 35-0 (12), for his past 3 fights. Reid trained Lamon Brewster to the WBO heavyweight title.

“Joe Goosen has been my trainer. When he decided to take a break from boxing and I was off for 3 years I wanted Jesse Reid to train me. He had Roger Mayweather, Hector Camacho, the Canizales brothers and so many other champions. I want to be his 24th world champion,” said Scott.

In February Scott defeated Kendrick Releford (in a rematch going back to 2006) over 8 rounds in Corpus Christi, TX. In June he defeated Alvaro Morales (outweighed Scott 293 to 228) over 6 rounds in Studio City, CA. In September he stopped Bowie Tupou in the 8th and final round in Oakland, CA, on the undercard of Ward-Dawson. He is scheduled to fight Vyacheslav “Czar” Glazkov, 14-0 (10) of the Ukraine, now living in NJ. In Glazkov’s last fight December 22nd he stopped Tor Hamer, then 19-1, after 4 rounds in his US debut in Bethlehem, PA. This is scheduled for 10 rounds at the Paramount Theatre, Huntington, NY, on February 23rd, promoted by Scott’s promoter, Goossen Tutor, Glazkov’s promoter Main Events and Star Boxing.

Scott has been called an underachiever for most of his career. Growing up in North Philadelphia he was trained by Fred Jenkins. He went to Northern Michigan University and another Philly trainer Al Mitchell was his trainer there. Jenkins has USBA heavyweight champion Bryant Jennings who stopped the same Tupou, after coming off the canvas on December 8th. “Malik stops by our gym when he’s back in Philly. He and Jennings are good friends. Scott upon turning professional went with Shelly Finkel and Main Events. Finkel had Harold Knight training him. Prior to Reid training him Joe Goossen trained him for 7 fights.

Scott started boxing at 11. He won the Junior Olympics in 1997. In 1998 he won the American Boxing Classic and the Under 19 Junior World title. In 1999 he defeated Michael Bennett and Jason Estrada to win the AAU title. In 2000 he defeated DaVarryl Williamson and MalcomTann but lost to Estrada in the Olympic trials and Bennett in the box-off. He finished with a 70-3 amateur record.

In November of 2000 Scott turned professional stopping Tony Foster, 1-1, in Las Vegas, NV in 2 rounds. In 2001 he went 6-0, 2002 he was 7-0, in 2003 4-0, 2004 2-0, 2005 3-0, 2006 3-0, 2007 4-0 and in 2008 2-0. In returning after over 3 year’s absence he is 3-0 in 2012 so far. He is 6:04 and is back to his fighting weight of 226 for the first time since 2004. In his last fight in 2008 he was 255. Reid has seen to it that Scott is at the right weight for him.

In spite of having 35 fights, Scott has only had 2 scheduled 10 round bouts. He has fought in 11 different states and never out of the country. He is currently promoted by Goossen-Tutor. He has had 7 fights in Atlantic City, NJ, 6 in CA, 5 in PA including 3 in Philadelphia and 2 in the Bushkill Falls. He’s fought 4 times in NV and CT. At 32 Scott knows he is running out of time.

The biggest names Scott has defeated are David Bostice, 33-8-1 in 2005 over 8 rounds and Charles Shufford 20-6-1 in 2007 over 10 rounds. His other 10 round decision win was over Damian Norris 10-4 in 2007. His last fight before his 38 month lay-off was an 8 round decision over Raphael Butler 34-7. In 2012 in his last fight he defeated Tupou who was 22-1. He has defeated 23 opponents with winning records, 9 with losing records and 3 with even records. As previously mentioned he has 2 10’s. In addition to that he has 6 4’s, 7 6’s and 20 8’s. His lowest weight was 209 and heaviest 255 twice.

If Reid can make Scott more aggressive and more pleasing to the fans he may have another heavyweight champion. The IBHOF seems to have ignored Reid over the years even though he entered the World Boxing Hall of Fame in 2004. Will it take him making a champion out of Scott to get into the IBHOF? This writer has met Reid and talked to him numerous times on the phone. Reid is “old school” and is one of the most underrated trainers in boxing today. He is tough from the word go. He’s a no nonsense guy who is also a very good listener. He takes it all in before evaluating something. I consider him a friend and I have all the respect in the world in him. Let’s go Ed Brophy, it’s time for Jesse Reid to enter the IBHOF and be inducted in 2014!

Jesse and Malik were kind enough to answer some questions. It took months to do this. Jesse was first and finally at midnight after the press conference for this Saturdays fight Malik called me.

KEN HISSNER: Jesse, I know you have worked with 23 world champions including heavyweight champ Lamon Brewster. Do you think Malik will be your next heavyweight champion?

JESSE REID: I definitely think Malik has the potential to be a heavyweight champion. I think I have to make him a little more aggressive. He gets better as the fight goes on. I brought him from 272 to 230.

KEN HISSNER: Malik, I believe you have finally got another trainer that can get the most out of you the way Fred Jenkins did in help making you an amateur champion. How has it been training under Jesse?

The chemistry has been great. There are times I want to keep training and Jesse has to get a hold of me and tell me not to leave it in the gym.

KEN HISSNER: Jesse, what changes if any have you made in the style of Malik?

JESSE REID: I got him being more aggressive and working off his jab which he always had a good jab. I know have him in the condition to go 10 or 12 rounds.

KEN HISSNER: Malik, after being inactive for 3 years you returned in 2012 with 3 impressive wins. Your weight has come down nicely.

MALIK SCOTT: I am no longer concerned about my weight. I was fighting at 250 before my layoff and now am around 230. I feel better about myself in and out of the ring. In those 3 years I had a lot of thinking to do. It added much to my morale and sound mind and how serious I needed to be.

KEN HISSNER: Jesse, you once again got omitted from the IBHOF induction. How do you handle it?

JESSE REID: I think people should notice the change in fighters once I start training them. I turned Camacho into a puncher stopping Ray Leonard. Look what I did with Bruce Curry with all his problems. Then there was Johnny Tapia and Paul Spadafora.

KEN HISSNER: Malik, are you now living in CA and I understand you were back in Philly recently.

MALIK SCOTT: I visited my old trainer Fred Jenkins and his young heavyweight Bryant Jennings while I was there.

KEN HISSNER: Jesse, how do you compare Malik’s chances of winning a world title to Brewster’s?

JESSE REID: Malik is a better boxer than Brewster who was a better puncher. Malik is not lazy as Brewster was.

KEN HISSNER: Malik, how is your stamina since training under Jesse since you have only had a couple of 10 round bouts in your career?

MALIK SCOTT: I feel I can go beyond 12 rounds and have in the gym. The weight has made a difference.

KEN HISSNER: Jesse, did you see Malik’s next opponent Vyacheslav Glazkov in his last fight with Tor Hamer?

JESSE REID: Yes I did. He’s a strong looking young fighter with not many pro fights and I believe a boxer like Malik would give him trouble especially into the late rounds.

KEN HISSNER: Malik, were you surprised Main Events took this fight with their highly regarded prospect?

MALIK SCOTT: These are the kind of fights the heavyweight division needs. Steve Cunningham is now fighting Tyson Fury. Ali was the greatest. The contenders back then fought each other and this is what we need to do today.

KEN HISSNER: I want to thank both of you for taking the time out of your schedules to answer questions. I look forward to the day the two of you come east again.

MALIK SCOTT: Sorry to call so late but I knew I had to call you before the fight. I want to thank you for staying in touch and doing this interview.

JESSE REID: It’s always a pleasure to talk to you when you call. You keep me abreast of what’s happening on the east coast. I want to thank you for doing this interview.

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